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Google Chrome will extend the lifetime of laptops due to the “smart” block Flash content

Following the criticism of the Chrome browser for excessive load on the battery MacBook Google has implemented in the program mode auto locking Flash on a web page. According to...



Tony Fadell explained why Steve jobs always focused on the “invisible problems”

A former top Manager at Apple, Tony Fadell, who is considered one of the creators of the iPod, shared the secrets of design at TED Talk. He said that the...



Shooter based on the movie “Terminator: Genesis” was released on iOS and Android

In the app store App Store and Google Play debuted game project Terminator Genisys: Revolution. This is the official game based on the new movie “Terminator: Genesis” in which the...



Pebble: Apple deliberately delaying the application for Pebble Time

The owners of the smart watch, the Pebble Time, deliveries of which began in late may, was faced with a serious problem: in the Apple store there is no application...



The Finance Ministry has rejected the idea to tax Apple and Google

Apple and Google will not pay VAT from applications sold to the Russians through online stores of companies. The Finance Ministry has rejected the idea to tax telecommunications services, which...



Kingston introduced a flash drive with two connectors – Type-C and Type-A

Kingston, a well-known supplier of memory modules and the external storage, provided the USB flash drive with reversible USB interface-C. Initially, the new device will be aimed at use with...



Apple vs. Google: who’s who borrows ideas?

Last week, Apple fans accused Google of that Corporation is copying ideas from Apple company. This week already users who prefer devices Google, argue that Cupertino shamelessly steals the unique...



Google has updated the interface of Google Drive for iOS with Material Design

Google continues to update their apps after the release of the operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop. Now the new interface Material Design received the customer service Google Drive. The program...



Apple will open Apple Maps for Windows and Android

Apple, almost three years ago abandoned Google Maps in iOS 6, replacing them with her, plans to launch a web version of maps that allow you to access them through...



Google will determine the caloric content of food photography

At the conference Rework Deep Learning Summit researcher Google Kevin Murphy presented an application that is able to calculate the caloric content of meals on his photos. In the future...



Tim cook spoke about the security of Apple services and criticized the free Google Photos

Apple does not use user information that is stored in the iPhone and iCloud cloud storage, for profit, and does not provide access to special services to their servers. This...



Google reduces the value of reference of Android-smartphone Nexus 6 for $150

Google announced markdowns on the Nexus 6, the company developed to demonstrate the capabilities of Android, but produced by a company partner. This step will allow the gadget to better...



More than unlimited cloud: 5 features of Google Photos, which need to know

The presentation that opened the conference, Google I/O last week, lasted more than two hours. Since the event was full of news from the world of Google, the company just...



New app Google Hands Free will allow pay without reaching for your smartphone

Google unveiled the service is Hands Free, which will allow you to pay for goods using only a couple of words spoken to the smartphone. While it does not even...



In the United States due to leakage of chemicals in the data center Apple has injured 5 people

Five people were hospitalized in the U.S. city of Catawba (North Carolina) because of a chemical leak in Apple’s datacenter. This was reported by the local authorities. Data centers located...

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