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5 reasons to buy a new iPod touch

iPod touch is often called a kind of “gateway” into the world of Apple is the most affordable way to get into the Apple ecosystem and use iOS apps. Today...



Independent benchmarks denied Microsoft about “the world’s fastest” browser Edge

In the message, recently published in the blog of Microsoft, the head of the Windows Insider program, Gabe Aul said that the team of developers of browser Edge continues to...



“Lose weight”: an app that will teach you how to eat properly

Office workers know firsthand, what is sedentary lifestyle, haphazard snacking and the almost complete absence of physical activity. This way of life is fraught with not only extra inches around...



Microsoft will provide free support for Windows 10 until 2025

Microsoft has published the final version of the license agreement of Windows 10, which will be distributed to all users of this OS. IT-expert and well-known journalist ed Bott, analyzing...



Lens Snapster from “Vkontakte” became available in the App Store

“VKontakte” on Friday announced a new lens Snapster for iOS and Android. Immediately after the announcement of the application is now available in Google Play and now debuted in the...



8 best apps for capturing and processing videos on iOS and Android

Why you should remove from your smartphone or tablet? First, it’s convenient — they are compact, lightweight and always at hand, eliminating the need to carry with you to the...



Rosatom is ready to build a data center for Apple and Facebook next to the nuclear power station

Rosatom offers foreign Internet giants area to accommodate future data center to transfer personal data of Russian users. This is reported by “Izvestia” on Friday. The servers of Facebook, Apple...



Why buy an iPod doesn’t make sense

IPod update this week for some was a big surprise, for others a welcome event. Now, when after several years of silence, Apple finally drew attention to the iPod line,...



The final version of Microsoft’s browser Edge was faster than Safari and Chrome

In February of this year, Microsoft introduced its new browser for Windows 10 – the Edge. Product development the company pays attention not only to functional innovation and increased user...



KartaKlub: staying up to date with entertainment

Russian developers have launched a new service KartaKlub, which performs the functions of a Billboard. With apps for iOS and Android users can always stay up to date with promotions,...



iCloud Drive can delete your files without warning

“Thanks to iCloud Drive all your presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images and more in complete safety stored in iCloud. At any time you can open them from your iPhone, iPad, iPod...



The UK Prime Minister wants to ban iMessage

Corporate messaging service Apple iMessage could be banned in the UK in the case of adoption of law “Snooper”s Charter (the” Charter Spyware”). A law prohibiting the encryption of messages...



Why iPhone is better car

2015 promised to be a year of revolutionary changes in the field of automotive multimedia systems. It promised us Apple and Google, and most of their brands strongly supported. However,...



Apple boasted improved gender and ethnic diversity

According to last year’s report to Apple about the ethnic diversity of the staff, the ma



The Irish company has sued Apple for illegal use of the brand iWatch

The Irish company Probendi has filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the U.S. Corporation in the illegal use of its brand iWatch. According to the materials of the case, the...

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