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Google is developing headphones that are compatible with Google Assistant

In the latest beta version of the app Google, version of the website 9to5Google have found mention of headphones under the code name Bisto. Bisto is headphones that Google Assistant....



What’s new in Android 8.0 Oreo?

The release of the final version of Android 8.0 was held on 21 August. The company decided to approach this creative presentation took place during a solar Eclipse in the...



Oreo! Google announced the name of Android 8

Not all heroes wear capes, but this — Yes! Android O — Oreo. An official official. 21 August, Google has finally unveiled the name of Android 8. “O” stands for...



You can not buy subscribe: the worst trend in the App Store

Paid apps are moving to the subscription. The greed of the creators or the only way to save the project life? You — a practical man. Tools for life and...



Google is testing the app Search Lite for Android

Today, the service is in beta stage and available in Indonesia. Download the installation file at the link. The app is designed for use in regions with poor Internet access....



Google acquired a startup of former employees Mail.Ru Group

Google bought the Belarusian company from the sphere of artificial intelligence AIMatter, which is developing neural network applications. The transaction amount was not reported, but the head of the company...



Google Home support calls Handsfree

Google has updated the function of smart speakers and Home Google added the ability to make calls on speakerphone. For the correct operation of new features requires a stable connection...



Google has learned to warn about dangerous days for Allergy sufferers

Google has added a feature for people who suffer from allergies. The company began to work with The Weather Channel and learned how to determine the level of pollen in...



Qualcomm introduced a camera with a depth sensor

Qualcomm has announced the second generation of image processor Spectra. It is designed with a focus on augmented, enhanced and virtual reality. Qualcomm Spectra of the second generation supports the...



Instagram has an updated display of comments

Today updated app Instagram for iOS and Android, the main innovation of which is the comments, but rather their display. Updated comments became much easier: now, when someone responds to...



YouTube tests the counter online viewers

The counter performs a simple, but interesting task: it shows how many people are currently watching a video. Google is testing the feature in its app for Android. Wrote about...



Facebook has secretly created an app-a social network for China

The Internet in China is actively controlled so many popular sites are blocked. Various companies like Google and Facebook are trying to get into the market and the next attempt...



Why OnePlus 5 – the infamous flagship 2017

In Russia officially debuted the OnePlus 5. Avoid this smartphone party. Consider that it does not exist. But if you want the arguments, read on. First, a quick historical digression....



Why Samsung, Xiaomi and Google no threat to Apple in the next year

Ambitious company is terribly behind the Corporation Tim cook. Prospects in sight – and that’s bad. Ten days later, Samsung will introduce a phablet Galaxy Note 8. It will be...



Apple refuses to include the security settings which will save a lot of lives

Apple ignores requests for the inclusion in the iPhone Advanced Mobile Location (Advanced Mobile Location). This was written by The Next Web. This feature in the system will give emergency...

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