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A quarter of downloadable mobile apps are run only once

The company Localytics, created the same analytical platform for mobile developers, conducted his own research in this direction. The company’s specialists analyzed data collected from 25,000 applications running on 1.5...



Apple is accused in the artificial restriction of multitasking in iOS 9 with the aim of increasing sales of the iPad

One of the main novelties of the WWDC 2015 has become the operating system iOS 9, which provides a multi-window mode on the iPad. But this feature will be available...



Google announced the launch of a new service’s streaming YouTube Gaming

Google launches new YouTube video Gaming intended for associated with the games content. The service will be available to gamers via the video hosting website, and through a separate application....



Uber has released taxi simulator for iPhone

Online service taxi Uber released a simulator of taxi driver for iOS. The game can be downloaded for free on iPhone and iPad if you have a U.S. account. According...



Arcade Slayin became free game of the week in the App Store

Apple has appointed eight-bit arcade game Slayin ‘app of the week”. In the next seven days of exciting old-school RPG with visual and sound effects can be downloaded in the...



Integerid: SDA 2015 and Penalties [+5 promo]

The developers of the popular app “VIN check”, to check the car on the limit, has released a new application in the field of automotive subjects. The program is called...



The latest OS X El Capitan can be installed even on an 8 year old Mac

We’ve learned that every year a new release of OS X behind, there are still some models of computers. This time Apple has prepared “the MacOS users” a pleasant surprise....



Strategy Cossacks 3″ will be released on Mac

The company GSC Game World returns to creating games with the continuation of the legendary series “the Cossacks” and is preparing to release the third part of the game. “Cossacks...



Blades of Brim – the best runner of the season

Even if you’ve never heard of a company Sybo, 99% have ever played the game (the game), and 100% is seen as someone plays. They are responsible for the creation...



Goodbye, Apple Watch: two stories of “smart” clock Apple

Smart watch Apple Watch made a lot of noise and continue his “nadelyat”. Find laudatory or review helpful? No problem — Google in the help, their, reviews, there are thousands....



Three features of iOS 9, which will save space on your iPhone and iPad

Last Monday the launch of Apple talked about the new features in iOS 9 which is appreciated by the iPhone and iPad owners experiencing a shortage of free space on...



Angry Birds Fight! published in Russian App Store

In the Russian App Store release of a new game project in the universe of Angry Birds – Angry Birds Fight! It is about the dynamic of the game genre,...



At the presentation Tim cook lost 200 litres of lubricant

Service users on Twitter caught the Apple that she refused to give the player the baseball team the Cleveland Indians about 200 liters of lubricant and generally kept silent about...



The best device to play poker: iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Not cease talking about the rivalry of two of the most avid opponents in the world of smartphones, Apple and Samsung. After all, who but these two giants of technology...



The FBI arrested a suspect in the theft of intimate photos of celebrities from iCloud

The Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States has determined the computer in August of last year was committed large-scale hacker attack on iCloud users. As a result of hacking...

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