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Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee – aging classic

In English, there is such concept: “aged badly”. It refers to phenomena that at the time of its appearance in the light were hoo, and now, a year later, or...


How to install Nintendo emulator NDS4iOS on iOS 9 without jailbreak

The number of decent games in the App Store in the hundreds of thousands. Developers have turned, seemingly pointless, in the whole industry: some games are international competitions and prize...


Horipad Ultimate – a second controller for iOS and Apple TV with charging via Lightning connector

Apple TV 4 has extended capabilities thanks to tvOS platform, supports voice assistant Siri and the App store. In addition, the device can play video games.   For those planning...


Lost Horizon – German Indiana Jones

Five years ago on the PC out quest German middling – Lost Horizon. Its authors you may know – that they sent a Russian girl Nina Kalenkova the darkness of...


Samsung with its answer to Apple A9 remains catching up in the market of mobile processors

Samsung introduced a new model series of single-chip systems Exynos 8 Octa 8890, designed to produce 14-nanometer technology FinFET. Unlike its predecessor the new integrated SoC is the first 64-bit...


The Room Three is the room of fear

The Room probably was a rare case, when the phrase “mobile puzzle game” does not cause feelings of mild shame – all games in the series are invariably pretty, curious,...


Object 17: each step could be the last

Morning. A young man wakes up, goes to work, comes back with her, goes to bed every night. Until one day someone very mysterious one blow knocks him to the...


Apple increased the limit of application testers in TestFlight to 2000

In early 2014 Apple has swallowed the popular service for testing mobile applications TestFlight. Autumn in the framework of the presentation of iOS 8, the company introduced new tools for...


Apple Music vs Google Play Music: interface, features, pictures

During the announcement Apple Music company has promised to release in the fall of 2015 its service on Android. Finally, the app appeared in Google Play store. In addition to...


Facebook has launched a news app with push notifications Notify

Social network Facebook on Wednesday launched a news app for iPhone users in the United States. It is reported Reuters with reference to the press release of the company. A...


Moonlight Game Streaming: broadcast games from computer to iPhone and iPad

Wireless broadcast gaming content in recent years has become one of the priority areas for Nvidia. In this market, the company is moving in two directions at once. There are...


First unboxing and review of the iPad Pro [video]

On Wednesday, as expected, Apple started sales of the new iPad Pro tablet in brand online Apple stores in four dozen countries, including Russia. In branded retail stores and partners...


Why Android loses to iOS as a gaming platform

Regardless of the disputes about the advantages or disadvantages of iOS and Android from the point of view of hardware or software, you cannot ignore the fact that the release...


In the App Store released a companion app for Star Wars: Battlefront

Modern AAA games are actively seeking to erase the boundaries between platforms, offering users of the app companion for the game. Studio DICE has been keeping pace with the times,...


How to install a PlayStation emulator for iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad [instructions]

Last year the iPhone and iPad became available full emulator Play

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