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Worms 3 is a free game of the week in the App Store

The popular series about worms crazy at the time experienced a second youth: for all the big platforms have done a rethinking Revolution, and on mobile, there is a third...



In the App Store came Angry Birds 2 [video]

Finnish Rovio released Angry Birds 2, which is a continuation issued in 2009, popular and one of the most profitable projects for mobile devices. As stated by CEO Pekka Rantala,...



“Plus or Minus”: unusual quiz for Apple Watch

The App Store has a new free game “Plus – Minus”, in which you can play on Apple Watch. The novelty will please both the youngest lovers of quizzes and...



PayForInstall – download-and much more

On the Internet there are about a million ways to freely share and approximately 999 thousand of these methods turn out to be a fraud. But there are really functioning...



Nokia has introduced a 360-degree virtual reality camera OZO [video]

Nokia introduced its first virtual reality device. It is not about the helmet, and specialized spherical camera for professional content creators. A device called OZO made in the form of...



PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX: timeless classics

In the first seconds of the game offers to read the rules (ten images), as well as familiarize yourself with the test level. More schizophrenic start, perhaps, in PAC-MAN, it...



Russian virtual reality helmet Fibrum Pro went on sale [video]

Company re:Store has started selling virtual reality helmet Fibrum Pro. The device, created by Russian developers, compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones of different models. By the end of the...



Prune – Japanese beauty

Funny effect: people don’t stop abusing the TV, the Internet and games for cruelty, however, safely ignore those things in which this cruelty is not. Bet you anything that adjacent...



Apple has released a series of promotional videos for the Apple Watch, dedicated to the application of [video]

Apple has released a new TV ad for the Apple Watch. Videos Music Apps, Fitness Apps, and Travel Apps devoted to applications of an electronic bracelet company. On each of...



10 myths about iPhone jaybrake

There are many misconceptions about the jailbreak, many of which we hear from year to year. Which one is it? Does jailbreak void the warranty on the iPhone and iPad?...



How to prevent iPhone overheating in hot weather

Summer this year broke all temperature records, so if you plan to escape from the heat on the beach, prepare your iPhone to this. The device, under the leadership of...



Enthusiast compared the speed of all generations of iPod touch [video]

Resource EverythingApplePro has published a 5-minute video, which compares the speed of all generations of iPod touch, starting with the first model, to the top version of the device. The...



Intel promise the item has been added to increase the autonomy of the MacBook by 30% and to ensure the increase of graphics performance up to 50%

The media called the timing of the release of the new Intel processors the item has been added for laptops, and also published the slides, giving an idea of the...



How to download free Civilization V: Campaign Edition for Mac cost 1800 rubles

Fans of the legendary turn-based strategy Civilization can for a limited time get free Civilization V: Campaign Edition. In the Mac App Store this game is on sale for 1790...

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