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Tweak Forcy ports feature a 3D Touch with the iPhone 6s on all devices with iOS 9

If you like with the power to put pressure on the display of your Apple Watch to call certain functions, and now you are not without your life, do not...



Apple offered a free download best game 2015

As part of the promotion for the Apple app Store, Apple offered a free download game Shadowmatic from Triada Studio. This summer is of rare beauty and fascination, the application...



The tax authorities in the Ukrainian capital have seized Apple gadgets on 30 million roubles

The tax police in the capital of Ukraine seized in the shops a large shipment of Apple gadgets that were imported into the country in violation of tax and customs...



iOS 9.1 Beta 5, iOS 9.0.2 or iOS 8.4.1: who is faster?

In Google Trends, which tracks popular search queries, the number of hits with the phrase “iPhone Slow” (slow iPhone) after the presentation of the new iPhone 6s have increased. Blogger...



Apple within 36 hours will increase prices for apps in Australia, Indonesia and Sweden

Apple within 36 hours to change the prices in the App store, according to company newsletter for developers. The American giant computer electronics intends to change the price tags on...



Users report outages the App Store and iTunes

Internet users reported disruptions in the App store. According to reports on Twitter and Apple’s support site, currently available for many services, including iTunes, iBooks Store and App Store. When...



Rapper Kanye West hates in-app purchases in iOS apps

As you know, the most grossing apps in the App Store are those that are distributed by Freemium model. It is not surprising that more and more developers are switching...



“Apple is destined Nokia”: analysts have given the company two years

Technology companies can’t succeed by trying to please their Board of Directors or even clinching multimillion-dollar deals with partners. No matter it is a respected multinational Corporation or a dynamic...



Experts from AnandTech have not seen problems with the autonomy of the iPhone 6s processor Samsung

As you know, the iPhone 6s is set two types of processors A9. Their production is in two independent contractor: Samsung and TSMC. According to benchmarks, the solution from TSMC...



IOS multitasking: why unloading background apps has a negative impact on the autonomy of the iPhone and iPad

Since the popularization of smartphones to users is the problem of low autonomy of mobile devices. Large touch screens, powerful processors, energy-intensive applications – all in varying degrees contributes to...



Azzl is the best puzzle for kids

A year ago we all praised FRAMED – brilliant film-puzzle, which was quite worthy of the title “Best game of the year for mobile”. This year, it seems that we...



3 ways to roll back from OS X El Capitan on OS X Yosemite

On 30 September Apple has posted for download the final version of OS X for Mac El Capitan. To download the new operating system from the Mac App store, and...



Alarm clock Wake Alarm Clock is a free app of the week in the App Store

Every week certain games and apps in the App Store can be downloaded for free under “app of the week”. This time Apple has appointed such an excellent smart alarm...



“Angry Birds in the movies”: the first trailer in Russian [video]

Sony Pictures has released the first dubbed in Russian language trailer of the cartoon “Angry Birds in a movie” based on the popular puzzle game for mobile platforms. In world...



Apple began to remove missing App Store in the games from the purchase history

Apple decided to delete purchase history app users, for various reasons, deleted from the online catalog App Store. It is reported App2top, which drew attention to the disappearance of the...

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