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From Samsung to Xiaomi: named the 5 main candidates for “killing” the iPhone

Every year leading manufacturers of smartphones I dream to produce a brilliant model and outshine the flagship of Apple, but this mission consistently fails. Life observers believe that in the...



The torrent client uTorrent has a built-in game store

The company BitTorrent has announced the launch of its own store of games in the torrent client uTorrent. In the directory Game Store is reportedly available games for Mac, Windows...



Impressions after a week of using iOS 11: the pros and cons of the new Apple platform

Recently much attention has been given to the new iOS 11 on the iPad. Files and icons can now be dragged to open a new application, the opportunity to work...



Samsung smartphone exploded in the hands of a 4 year old child

A resident of Pakistan, Naureen Ahsan gave the Samsung to my 4 year old nephew so that he can play “Talking Tom”. But suddenly the phone exploded right in the...



5 reasons to permanently abandon Windows in favor of macOS

This week on Russia, Ukraine and several other countries were struck by a powerful cyber attack. Hacking virus-the extortioner “Peter” has shown the vulnerability of information infrastructures around the world....



11 innovations that make it worth install iOS 11

IOS 11, a host of new features that make iPhone and iPad more functional, especially when it comes to multitasking. Do not expect that with the release of the new...



The developer has created a portal to your city using augmented reality in iOS 11 [video]

Transport spaceship smoothly landed right on your desktop. People with a growth of 15 centimeters affably waving their hands – and then the silence cuts through a sharp sound. The...



Blizzard announced the release date and the price of StarCraft: Remastered for Mac and PC

Blizzard announced the release date of StarCraft Remastered — an updated version of the legendary sci-Fi strategy, which includes the original game and the addition of StarCraft: Brood War in...



macOS High Sierra will be the last version of macOS with a full support for 32-bit

Apple seeks to get rid of 32-bit software for a long time. Until recently, this was only on iOS, but now the company has officially stated that macOS High Sierra...



Strategy Final Fantasy XV: the Empire of the creators of Game of War was released on iPhone and iPad

Square Enix has announced the worldwide release of the new strategy of the Final Fantasy XV:



Reporter: the new iPad almost everything loses laptop

In the network there is ongoing debate about whether the iPad Pro with iOS 11 to replace the laptop. Outline journalist Joshua Topolsky believes that the new Apple tablet is...



How long does it take to install iOS beta 11?

iOS 11, the first major update of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad, but it does not take much time if you know what to do. Yesterday Apple...



32, 128 or 512 GB: which iPad to choose?

Gone are the days when iPad was offered with 16 GB of internal memory. Now in the line of Apple tablets in versions of 32 GB to 512 GB of...



Submitted an impressive application for iOS 11, which will never appear on Android [video]

iOS is not only more reliable and a closed operating system, but platform with a large amount of software is available to users of devices running Android. At WWDC 2017...

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