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In Russia opened pre-order the Nokia 3310

Announced in late February, the “remake” of the legendary past of the mobile phone Nokia 3310 appeared in pre-order in Russia. The phone is available in the online store “Bayon”...



Apple TV’s first fifth-generation tvOS 11 “lit up” in the logs of the developer

Developers Studio Firi Games, developing applications for iOS and tvOS, found confirmation of Apple’s plans on further development of Apple TV. According to the source, in Cupertino are testing a...



Update for Windows 10 caused a problem in the operation of computers

In addition to routine security updates this week, Microsoft also released a cumulative update KB4013429 for Windows 10. Two days later, users began to report problems when installing the update....



Named 10 the main advantages of Samsung Galaxy S8 on the iPhone 7

Less than two weeks Samsung will present its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S8. As at the moment this unit is regarded as the most advanced in the family of the...



Windows XP launched on the iPhone 7 [video]

Not so long ago Windows celebrated his 34th birthday. Along with the operating system from Microsoft brought up a new generation — maybe this explains the all-encompassing sense of nostalgia...



The release of macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta 6 with mode Night Shift

After 10.3 beta iOS 6 Apple released the sixth beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.4. You can download the update from the section for developers on Apple’s official website or from...



Can Apple be worth more than Russia?

Reaching a value of $730 billion, Apple is more expensive than Poland, Switzerland and Norway. Similar headlines can be found on many foreign resources. Russian journalists reacted to this scandalous...



The Creator of the jailbreak for iOS published a photo of a hacked Nintendo console Switch

The developer of the jailbreak for iOS Luke Todesco hinted at the upcoming release exploits for new portable Nintendo Switch. Creator utility yalu102 intended for hacking iOS 10.2, plans to...



Kingdom: New Lands – the console hit and two-dimensional strategy

As you know, the hierarchy of mobile games arranged in a very simple way: if the project was already on the consolesPCs and have received good reviews in the world...



8 functions and features from Android that Apple needs to copy iOS 11

Hard to call it Android lagging behind iOS. In many aspects of the operating system Google is not just equaled the ease of use with the “Apple” platform but surpassed...



Apple hands out free one of the best games in the platformer genre Love You To Bits

Apple has once again decided to please fans of games in the genre. In the framework of “app of the week” is a free cool game Love You To Bits....



The legendary Chuck Norris has announced a mobile game about himself

Hollywood actor and martial arts master Chuck Norris celebrates his 77th birthday. In honor of this momentous event, he announced the mobile game Nonstop Chuck Norris. Game created by Flare...



5 kinds of Apple stuff: how to save money and to buy hassle-free technique of Apple

If you find the Apple gadget at a low price and it’s not used and not fake, do not hurry to rejoice a low price. Maybe he did something different...



The Escapists – prison break

The games are known to be good that let you be anyone: a soldier, an Explorer, a scientist or even an employee of the customs control. It concerns, as well...



It’s the perfect time to buy iPhone 7

iPhone 7 debuted in Russian market in September 2016. But only now, six months later, he found in Russia a real popularity. The scheme, when it is preparing to release...

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