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Why do people continue to buy Apple products?

Why iPhone became popular in an instant, and why Apple products are so magical effect on everyone who at least once in her life she used? By far, not only...



13 or 15-inch: which MacBook Pro to choose?

Currently Apple offers the MacBook Pro with the two diagonals of the screens 13 and 15 inches. They differ not only in display sizes, but also weight, number of ports...



NASCAR Heat Mobile real rally

Despite the apparent boredom and academic, a NASCAR race – a race full of adrenaline, where gravity “Formula 1” is successfully combined with the swagger what a “Autobaun”. Judge for...



Six months with the iPhone 7 Plus. Honest postobon flagship Apple

In a week traditionally devoted to the review of the smartphone, to learn all the strengths and weaknesses of the model difficult. Another thing is to move with the machine...



Android is better than iOS, compare mobile OS

With each new release the two most popular mobile platforms increasingly resemble each other. Easy borrowing and creative recycling achievements rival have not confused neither Google nor Apple. Nevertheless, and...



Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao – the heat in the ring

To the shareware games can be treated differently, but should understand that without this monetization scheme would not be the most mobile genres. And if some did not mind (e.g.,...



How to install two same apps on iOS without jailbreak 10

There are situations when you need to install on your iPhone or iPad, two copies of the same application. For example, a game on the tablet using multiple user account...



Does it matter the screen size of the tablet?

Want to get a tablet? Then decide what size screen will suit you. The display of the tablet is directly dependent on the use of portable devices: for travel, for...



BottleBattle – check the head for strength!

What other game is rewarded with a powerful scandal even before the release. The more – mobile. Especially Russian. Applications usually go quietly or not go – but nobody knows...



Victory Day released the iPhone 7 with Stalin and St. George ribbon

The company Caviar continues to shock the audience. Especially on Victory Day jewelers has introduced a new collection iPhone 7, on the frame of which depicts a portrait of Stalin,...



Top 5 major competitors MacBook Pro

Notebook manufacturers are trying hard to fill their models with modern technologies: devices have touch screens that can transform into tablets, and battery life to almost a day. In the...



Blizzard started developing a new game for iOS and Android

Blizzard Entertainment is thinking about developing a new mobile game, evidenced by a vacancy opened at the company’s official website. The team of developers required programmers, in order “to contribute...



Sennheiser introduced the “smart” 3D headphones Surround Ambeo with Lightning and USB C

Sennheiser is a big player in the audio equipment market and particularly appreciated by those who works with sound or likes good quality sound. New headphones the company will provide...



Planescape: Torment – great roleplay with us again

Thanks to the wonderful habit of porting games, iPad (and with it the iPhone), which has been turned into a haven of great, but forgotten masterpieces. Especially lucky old-style RPG...



iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 held a rematch in the test performance. No surprises [video]

Earlier in April, a YouTube user EverythingApplePro conducted a visual performance test of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 Plus. In the experiment from the South Korean vendor...

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