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GSC Game World has warned about the increase of prices in Russian Steam because of the “tax on Google”

Valve introduces Steam in the Russian additional sales tax digital content. First this was announced by GSC Game World. Prices are expected to rise for all games will be a...



Apple hands out free interactive quest “Lifeline. Whiteout”

Apple announced in the framework of “app of the week” distribution game “Lifeline. Whiteout” has received many positive reviews from players. Users have to help the researcher Adams V, who...



The App store started in 2017 with new records

2017 has started for the App Store from the very busy day in history, right after the New year — a record holiday season, record breaking revenues of development and...



ASUS introduced the world’s first smartphone with 8 GB of RAM

Not so long ago in the Network appeared information about the fact that ASUS is preparing to release a smartphone with the technology of Google Tango. On passing these days...



MacBook Pro tense: Acer has introduced a laptop with a 21-inch curved display, Intel chips Kaby Lake and the GeForce GTX 1080 graphics in SLI

Acer at CES 2017 in Las Vegas introduced the world’s first notebook with a curved display, 21 X Predator and two GeForce GTX 1080. In Predator used curved 21 X...



Gamers don’t want to pay 750 rubles for Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run will probably lead the rating of the most controversial releases of the year. Despite the fact that many journalists praised the project and has a strong focus...



5 simple tips on how to restore performance and get rid of the “lag” iPhone

iPhone 7 and iPhone SE are two of the most productive in the world of smartphone. In tests on the performance in the real task any other smartphone can compare...



Apps in Google Play have risen by 18% after the entry into force of the “tax on Google”

From 1 January in Russia came into force a law that introduces the so-called “tax on Google”. We are talking about the introduction of value added tax to foreign companies...



CCRecord: how to record video from iPhone screen “one-click”

Recently gaining popularity of the record screen of mobile devices. Users often prefer to watch video instead of flipping through screenshots. People read less and watch more of the instruction...



Happy New year from the editors MacDigger!

Dear readers! MacDigger the editorial staff heartily congratulates you with coming New year and all winter holidays! We wish you good health, prosperity and success in all endeavors. Came to...



14 the main pieces of the new flagship of Samsung, which will compete with the iPhone 8 in 2017

The new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 continues to grow into the details. To this point we know almost everything about your hardware model, which will replace the model of...



Apple hands out free beautiful puzzle Warp Shift

Apple announced in the framework of “app of the week” distribution Warp Shift is a unique puzzle game set in a mysterious world. As the developers say, this adventure will...



Zombie Invasion – when dead too much

Everyone loves zombies! You and we, and even those who are in this shameful passion are not recognized – they also love zombies. Carefully looking around the Billboard nearest movie...



Perfect ten: best mobile games of 2016 version MacDigger

Perhaps, the 2016 was not the best – from many reasons. Including for gaming: no really potent breakthrough or turning the genre of the project. But this does not mean...



Super Mario Run is now available for order in Google Play

Nintendo immediately after the announcement of Super Mario Run for iOS has confirmed that the game will be released also for Android devices. Apparently, the release is not far off,...

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