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What does “death” of 32-bit iOS for future hardware and software Apple

IOS release 10.3 on the iPhone and iPad makes it clear that 32-bit applications will soon be in the past. In fact, the move to 64-bit architecture is a long...



Full of Stars – a journey through the Universe

What usually first comes to mind when it comes to free-runner? The imagination draws an unusually mediocre game, which is full of advertising, every step is paid separately, the gameplay...



7 myths about charging iPhone, in that it’s time to stop believing

Almost everyone nowadays own smartphones, which means regular charging them. Many continue to believe in things that were current in the days of the Nokia 3310. Today following the advice...



Apple offers a free download dynamic arcade Hyperburner

Apple has updated the section of the App store, adding a new free app for iPhone and iPad. Every week in this division is a new game or program. This...



Apple iPhone 7 failed to fully exploit the performance of processors

This week, Qualcomm filed a counterclaim against Apple, accusing the chip maker in that it requires too high a fee for using its patents. The company said that the iPhone...



Test speed iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S8, LG G6, Google Pixel and OnePlus 3T: Android would be a shame [video]

Many people sincerely wonder why “overpay” for the iPhone. “My Xiaomi works the same and costs three times cheaper,” they say. If you ignore the brands and specifications of gadgets...



“The sword of king Arthur” – when the game is not so bad

We can all congratulate mobile games – they successfully intercepted the older ones the privilege to release the app-support for release of some high-profile films from Hollywood. If before –...



The Apple iPad will provide sponsorship of referees and coaches in the NHL during the game

Apple signed an agreement with the National hockey League (NHL), in which all coaches and referees will use the iPad during matches. On Friday, reports The Verge. The coaches, who...



Buy Apple Disney can be the deal of the century

Potential purchase Disney can do Apple in an incredible $200 billion But if the deal does take place, it will change the future of Silicon valley and Hollywood, according to...



iPhone 7 Plus lost Samsung Galaxy S8+ in tests for endurance in real conditions [video]

Videobloger XEETECHCARE conducted a comparative test of Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7, the purpose of which was to estimate battery life of devices. The trial was attended by “older”...



A popular strategy Total War: Warhammer will be released on Mac on April 18

Release of the popular strategy of Total War: Warhammer for Mac will be held on April 18. This was stated by the developers of the Studio Feral Interactive, which is...



Russian developers have released a messenger “Game” to communicate without words

Russian developers have announced the messenger, in which you can communicate without words. The conversation in the app is using popular Internet memes. “Too many messengers. These conventional messenger, which...



Apple doubts the mental condition of the iPhone and iPad

Apple refused to allow Russian developers to release the game, the plot of which the gamer has to break bottles about the head. According to the company, she feared that...



The release updates Windows 10 Update Creators

April 11, Microsoft began distributing a major update for Windows 10 – Update Creators. You can install it through “Windows update”. OS became available for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and...



Nvidia released drivers for Mac graphics cards to Pascal, including the most powerful accelerator Titan Xp

Nvidia has released beta drivers for Mac is designed for graphic cards on architecture Pascal. The release took place following the announcement of the most powerful to date graphics accelerator...

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