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In Russia to block anonymizers and VPN. The end of free Internet?

In the state Duma a bill that requires the VPN services and search engines do not give access to blocked Russian sites. In the edition of the Daily Afisha conducted...



Should I buy a new keyboard Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad?

Last week Apple released a wireless keyboard with numeric keypad. The keyboard unit extended keyboard with extra keys navigation for fast scrolling of documents and full-size arrow keys for playing...



The Belarusians have their technology in every second iPhone and iPad

Belarusian businessmen make a huge contribution to the creation of Apple products, reports local resource Belmarket. According to the publication, technology of the Belarusian enterprise”, izovak” bet on high technology...



New game about the evil birds-Angry birds Evolution was released in Russian App Store

In the App Store released a new game in the universe Angry Birds. Evolution is a shareware arcade action game with strategy elements for mobile platforms. Gamers will need to...



The developers have demonstrated the impressive potential of augmented reality in iOS 11 [video]

Since the announcement of the technology at WWDC 2017 ARKit’s been a week, and had to try it out and share the results, demonstrating the potential of augmented reality Apple....



iPhone will replace the controller in games on PlayStation 4

Within this week’s E3 2017, Sony introduced the new PlayLink – social multiplayer functionality for owners of the PlayStation 4. It can help you to connect your mobile device to...



First unboxing and review of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro [video]

Last week Apple introduced the new iPad. Model with a 10.5-inch screen called the iPad Pro, and it replaces the smaller of the pre-existing models in this series. The novelty...



How to play PS4 games on iPhone and iPad

Last year, Sony released an update for the PlayStation 4 that allowed you to stream games from the console on Mac and PC computers. For the first time the possibility...



Microsoft introduced a gaming console next generation Xbox One X

Microsoft announced gaming console new generation Xbox One X. According to the company, it’s the most productive gaming console in the world. If the performance of the Sony Playstation 4...



Mobile games in less than a year downloaded 750 million times

Downloads free games in augmented reality Pokemon Go for a year since the release exceeded 750 million this was announced by the head of the Studio Niantic Labs John Hanke....



“Neighbours from hell” – Season 1: a reality show of our childhood

Every Russian knows what an annoyed neighbor. From the annoying warbling punch early Sunday morning until late at night to the accompaniment of the latest musical achievements of the local...



Review of iOS 11: all new features in one article

5 June Apple announced the new operating system iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Pre-beta version became available for developers on the same day as the test, there...



Lion’s Sphere – the advanced Rubik’s cube

Hungarian inventor in the 70-ies of the last Millennium history: came up with the famous cube, who called his name – cube. Since then, thousands and thousands of people trying...



iOS 11: 10 features that Apple deprived users in the new OS

5 June, Apple showed the world iOS 11, which is characterized by a new set of features and an updated interface. The first beta version of the software platform nice...



iOS 11 to iOS 10: visual comparison of interfaces [gallery]

On Monday Apple announced the new operating system iOS 11 and released the first beta version for developers. The platform contains many innovations and changes, including at the UI level....

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