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How to install World of Warships Blitz on iPhone and iPad right now

This week in the App Store debut of World of Warships Blitz – new multiplayer game from Wargaming, based on the popular computer strategy game World of Warships. According to...



World of Warships Blitz out on iPhone and iPad

Wargaming has announced the preliminary release of World of Warships Blitz for iOS and Android. This is a new action MMO from the award-winning Studio, which is based on the...



A new feature of iOS 11, which Android users can only dream of

This week released the third beta version of iOS 11. As you know, one of the innovations of the new software platform, Apple has become the ability to record video...



Mini DayZ – pixel survival simulator

No matter what they say (e.g. in the comments to this review), but DayZ was a great game, which gave almost unprecedented experience: the fear of losing all earned. Then...



iRulu holds a summer sale tablets 5 eXpro, eXpro and eXpro 5s 6

Summer is the best time for vacation. Going on a trip? You can grab a tablet for games, TV shows and web surfing to pass the time on the road....



Ninja Arashi – cool action platformer with RPG elements

Nowadays rarely seen a good action platformer, especially on mobile, where just the opposite of what should be in these games. But if app still and shareware, all is possible...



iOS 11: how to move multiple app icons on the home screen of the iPhone and iPad

IOS 11, a host of new features that simplify use of the system. Among other things, the Apple developers have added to the OS the ability to move multiple icons...



Favorite watch of the Prime Minister: Dmitry Medvedev traded the Apple Watch [photo]

The Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev is a well-known fan of Apple technology and immediately after leaving the Apple Watch he was wearing “smart” watches a favorite brand. It...



Popular racing game Ridge Racer has become the app of the week and available in the App Store for free

Apple has announced a new free title in the framework of “app of the week” in the App Store. At this time, users of iOS devices offered “for free” racing...



Nintendo announced the app Switch Online, which is designed for use with the iPhone a Nintendo console Switch

Nintendo announced the new Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android. Title the release is scheduled for July 21 this year. The app will be designed to ensure that...



Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow – a pleasant surprise

We used (and rightly so, it should be noted) that games cartoons – the normal stuff. And if the “farm” – all down the drain, will play only repulsed fans,...



Forever Sega for iOS – how not to do the classics

Recently, SEGA pleased all fans of old school: the company will port their ancient hits on mobile! Free, with an impressive starting lineup, with a new release every month! What...



Should I buy iMac or should I wait for the iMac Pro?

At WWDC in June, Apple announced update of the line iMac. Already you can buy an iMac processors Kaby Lake, but in December 2017 in sale iMac Pro with flagship...



ROME: Total War – Alexander will be released on iPad this summer

Feral Interactive has announced a mobile port of the game Rome: Total War — Alexander, designed for iPad. It will be a standalone package, in which events occur in a...



Apple is developing its own file format for virtual reality

Apple no longer hides the interest in virtual reality technology: fall Mac will be fully compatible with the SteamVR platform, why Apple works closely with Valve. As reported Holographica, cupertinos...

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