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Analysts predict the boom of smart phones that support 3D Touch in 2016

The advent of technology Force Touch to “smart” clock Apple Watch 3D Touch and the iPhone 6s has set a new trend in the market. Manufacturers of devices running Android...



Samsung wants to divert attention from the 4-inch iPhone 5se March release Galaxy S7

At the forthcoming exhibition of mobile electronics MWC 2016, which will be held in late February in Barcelona, the South Korean company Samsung, which openly competes for leadership with Apple,...



Samsung plans to copy Apple’s “live photo” for Galaxy S7

Samsung plans to offer in its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 features Live analog Photos – the photos with elements of video created using the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s...



Published new images of the flagship smartphone, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Plus

The closer the MWC conference 2016, which will be presented Galaxy S7 flagship, the more rumors arise about a new device. This time media, using available data, published rendernye image...



Samsung plans to sell at the start of the 5 million Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung expects high demand for its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S7. How do I find sources close to the company, the first batch of flagship communicators will have 5 million...



Manufacturer of covers has unveiled the design of the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus

About the looks of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 at the time was known long before the official announcement thanks to the emergence of a Network of images covers for...



Every fourth Android smartphone in 2016 will copy 3D Touch Apple

Apple’s implementation of the Force Touch technology into a smart watch Apple Watch 3D Touch and in the iPhone 6s has set a new trend on the mobile market. The...



LeTV Max Pro is the first smartphone that managed to get ahead in AnTuTu iPhone 6s

A couple of weeks ago, the AnTuTu benchmark has revealed information about development of a new productive smartphone LeTV Max Pro (X910). But previous leaks have told only about the...



The flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 will receive analog 3D Touch

The flagship model of the new smartphone Samsung will get recognize force pressing a display similar to the 3D Touch in the Apple smartphones. On Monday the newspaper The Wall...



The flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus with 6-inch shown on video

We have repeatedly mentioned in our news section soon to be released flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Plus, but all the while we discussed hardware specifications and design...



The Apple A9 processor and Samsung Exynos 8890 compared to the benchmark Geekbench

Flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Plus, which will go on sale in 2016, will receive different chip platforms, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon and Samsung Exynos 820 8890. The...



В сеть утекли рендеры нового флагмана Galaxy S7

Производитель аксессуаров ITSkins выложил в Сеть изображения рендеров смартфона Galaxy S7, которые позволяют получить представление о дизайне нового флагманского устройства Samsung. Судя по изображениям, в следующем году южнокорейский гигант выпустит...



Samsung decided not to change the design of its flagship Galaxy S7

If you thought that Samsung radically change the design of its new flagship Galaxy S7, then hurry to disappoint. According to unofficial information, the Korean manufacturer intends to adopt a...



The flagship Sony Xperia Z6 will display with the possibility of recognition of the power taps

One of the major features of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus was the touch sensitivity of the Touch display 3D. Technology has aroused considerable excitement, and, as it...



Samsung Galaxy S7 will display, curved in new ways, and microSD card slot

Samsung received a lot of negative reviews after making the decision to stop using the slot for microSD cards in their latest flagship smartphones, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy...

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