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Samsung held a strong trump card against the iPhone 8

Recently, Samsung confirmed that the new smartphone Galaxy Note 8 will debut in the second half of 2017. This device will be released six months after the flagship Galaxy S8...



Samsung has a solution to all the problems with battery Galaxy S8

After the scandal with the Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean firm has introduced a new eight-speed test system for the batteries and revised placement of batteries in their smartphones,...



The Apple explodes, but it is possible

The next iPhone 7 exploded in the hands of a happy user at a time, as he was about to answer the call. However, Apple, unlike Samsung, to withdraw their...



8 the main complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S8

At the end of March Samsung revealed to the world its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8. After the presentation, a device called hardly the best smartphone on the market, however,...



The difference in the average price of iPhone and Samsung smartphones increased to a record $465

The difference in average price between the smartphones of Apple and Samsung increased to a record level of $465. Such data are the resource, The Investor, referring to the research...



Apple could not take advantage of the collapse of the Galaxy Note 7 Samsung is back in the lead in the smartphone market

Samsung took the top spot in the ranking of manufacturers of smartphones, according to the analytical Agency Strategy Analytics. Only four months it took the South Korean manufacturer to recover...



Samsung: Galaxy S8 в России оказался вдвое популярнее своего предшественника

Продажи смартфонов Samsung Galaxy S8 и Galaxy S8+ стартовали в России в пятницу 28 апреля. За первые выходные в РФ было продано в два раза больше смартфонов этой модели, чем предыдущего...



“After two weeks of using the Galaxy S8 I still think the iPhone 7 Plus the world’s best smartphone”

In spite of all the skeptics and ill-wishers Samsung did away with the unpleasant consequences of the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 and introduced its new flagship smartphone Galaxy...



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 returns: “blast” the flagship will be sold at the price of iPhone 7

The start of sales of recovered Samsung Galaxy Note7 will begin in June. It is reported by ET News, citing informed sources. In late March, Samsung officially announced that it...



Samsung announced the “best in history” the pre-orders for the Galaxy S8

The number of pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S8 was the best in the history of the line, said the South Korean company. In the result, Samsung is experiencing problems...



Samsung Galaxy S8 saved on the key functions of a smartphone

The first sales of the smartphone Galaxy S8 confirm that the devices were very popular and one of the most functional models on the market. But gadgets could be even...



5 serious reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8

Announced in late March, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is pretty ambiguous. Users around the world rapidly discuss the controversial new. Journalists familiar with the device, sure, that buying new is...



iFixit: Samsung battery Galaxy S8+ is almost identical to the battery exploding Note 7

Experts iFixit appreciated maintainability Galaxy S8+, which the company Samsung has officially unveiled late last month. During the disassembly it turned out that the manufacturer uses in the smartphones are...



Apple figured out how to increase the autonomy of the iPhone without increasing the battery capacity

Previously received information that Apple is developing its own chips for battery management. As it became known, the company is also working on special software that optimizes the consumption of...



Samsung accused of inflating data about the pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and S8+

In the beginning of April, Samsung has opened pre-orders for the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 and G8+

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