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Parishioners of the ROC can now acquire Orthodox cases for iPhone and iPad

For the younger generation in the depths of worldly conversations did not forget about eternal values, the Department of youth Affairs of the Vyborg diocese has released an iPhone and...



Interactive guide to the stars Star Walk 2 for iOS for the first time can free download

In the App Store for the first time can be downloaded for free the second part of one of the most popular applications of the cosmos for iOS. Star Walk...



Android users M complain of abnormal battery drain

The time of life between charges is one of the most important aspects of any device, and it is largely the determining factor when buying. In the case of Android...



American abused iPhone 6 with liquid gallium [video]

iPhone 6 continues to inspire fierce new from the US on a crazy bullying. Most recently, we witnessed how TechRax tortured with a knife iPhone, is covered in 24-carat gold...



TaiG has released an updated jailbreak for iOS 8.4 error correction

Hacker group TaiG has released a new version of the exploit TaiG Jailbreak Tool designed for software hacking the iPhone and iPad. In version 2.2.1 fixed issues that accompany the...



Apple will make the second generation Apple Watch is thinner and lighter than the original model

After just three months since launch, sales of the Apple Watch, sources of specialized Internet-resources shared with reporters information about the next generation of “smart” clock Apple. Its output is...



Mirmir: multitasking in the style of “picture in picture” for the iPhone and iPad [video]

Team Cortex Dev Team 2015 has introduced a new tweak Mirmir, implements for iPhone and iPad multi-tasking capability. A promising development is available for owners of jailbroken devices. In accordance...



New iPhone 6c will receive a 4-inch display and metal body

In the development of new smartphones manufacturers are guided not only the aesthetic requirements, but also how quickly and efficiently they are able to generate the gadgets. For this reason,...



10 useful tips for using Apple Music

The Apple Music service has finally earned and already received a lot of positive feedback. Streaming turned out to be quite stable and coped well with the influx of users....



In iTunes 12.2 discovered new iPod models

On Wednesday, Apple released iTunes 12.2 with a new streaming service Apple Music. The developers, who have studied the program code, found a hint of the upcoming debut of new...



A list of jailbreak tweaks compatible with iOS 8.4

Recently a hacker group TaiG released a jailbreak for iOS 8.3, and, if to follow the same pace, hacking iOS 8.4’d expect only in a couple of weeks or even...



Russia has developed a wireless technology to charge smartphones using a light beam

Modern smartphones typically discharged much faster than we would like them to owners. Russian inventors have created a prototype of a wireless charger that can track in the space of...



Apple will change the batteries in their products while reducing capacity by 20%

The batteries of mobile devices are unpleasant with time to lose capacity, therefore the use of gadgets with non-removable batteries users often add an extra headache. This week, Apple changed...



Samsung for the first time overtook Apple by revenue from sales of smartphones in Russia

According to the results of II quarter of 2015 first Samsung was ahead of Apple in terms of revenue from sales



In the Internet appeared the video of the thinnest smartphone Samsung – Galaxy A8 [video]

Samsung actively produces Android smartphones in various price categories, from budget to flagship. This time, according to sources, the announcement is preparing device called Galaxy A8, which should be the...

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