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PIN code in iOS 9 is 100 times complicates hacking mobile devices

During the announcement of iOS 9, Apple has paid special attention to the issue of security, focusing on strict confidentiality of user data. In the new platform the company has...



The best device to play poker: iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Not cease talking about the rivalry of two of the most avid opponents in the world of smartphones, Apple and Samsung. After all, who but these two giants of technology...



7 jailbreak tweaks that are part of iOS 9

Users of iOS devices are already accustomed to the fact that new features for its mobile platform Apple refers to the jailbreak community is an endless generator of new ideas...



Apple has removed the iPod from the main menu of the official website

Apple marked the end of an era branded media players. 13 years later from the main menu of the official website of the company disappeared a link to the section...



iOS 9 will follow the sex life of the user

Operating system iOS 9 will track the frequency and quality of sexual contacts of the owner of the gadget, according to a new section in the regular Apple app called...



30 features in iOS 9 that were concealed by Apple

On Monday at the worldwide developers conference Apple announces its new products and services. This time the expectations of experts was justified almost entirely – the company showed the new...



Ivideon Oco: two eyes are good, but three is better

Many people still think that video surveillance is expensive, involving a long and time-consuming to install and are available only to the elite. However, this is no longer the case:...



Samsung has officially unveiled secure smartphone Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung announced the smartphone Galaxy S6 Active, which is the secure version of the flagship Galaxy S6. The degree of protection from moisture and dust, the machine complies with the...



How does the power saving mode in iOS 9

In the new operating system iOS 9, Apple has implemented a power-saving feature. The technology is able to add 3 hours to standard time using the iPhone. The platform itself...



How to install iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad without a developer account [how to]

On Monday, Apple unveiled a new iOS 9, describing the capabilities of the new software, which will be available this fall. Officially OS has been available to developers registered in...



watchOS 2 Apple Watch will protect from theft using activation lock

The smart watch Apple Watch has a function lock with a password – it is activated whenever the user removes the device from his hand. However, in the event of...



Apple announced the Android app “Move to iOS to more easily transition to iPhone

Apple has begun preparing for the transition on the company’s Android smartphones. Simultaneously with the release of iOS 9, the company will offer a tool to facilitate this process: to...



Presents watchOS 2.0 – a new platform for Apple Watch

Apple’s conference for developers WWDC has introduced a second version of the operating system watchOS for Apple Watch. With the release of the update to developers for the first time...



Users of iPhone 4s and iPad mini will be able to install iOS 9

June 8 at WWDC 2015 Apple told what innovations will be included in the ninth generation mobile operating system, the final version of which will appear this fall. As reported...



8 GB Sony Xperia M4 Aqua users can only 1.26 GB

In late may, Sony has announced the start of the Russian sales of its new smartphone in a waterproof version. The Xperia M4 Aqua appeared in retail stores and the...

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