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Journalists compared the design of the iPhone 6 and Moto X Style [photos]

One can hardly argue with the statement that Motorola phones are becoming larger every year. The original Moto X smartphone the screen size is 4.7″. At last year’s Moto X...



Chapter Mail.Ru Group invested in a 3D scanner for iPad

The company Grishin Robotics, founded by CEO Mail.Ru Group Dmitry Grishin, has become a co-investor Occipital developer 3D scanner for mobile devices Apple. The total investment, according to Rbc, is...



Apple patented design headphones that don’t fall out of your ears while running

Brand Apple EarPods headset – not the most perfect of those present on the market, however, these headphones provide enough quality sound, and the wire is sturdy enough to firmly...



iPhone 6 vs “killer flagships” OnePlus 2: design, features, pictures

On July 28, the company OnePlus has officially presented the “killer flagships” – OnePlus 2. The device has advanced hardware and costs 330 dollars. In the network appeared the first...



The differences between the iOS and Android version of ICQ

Team messenger ICQ figured out how to use the app for iPhone and Android smartphones: which is not good for ICQ, what Wallpaper and stickers prefer, how often you call...



Russian virtual reality helmet Fibrum Pro went on sale [video]

Company re:Store has started selling virtual reality helmet Fibrum Pro. The device, created by Russian developers, compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones of different models. By the end of the...



Prune – Japanese beauty

Funny effect: people don’t stop abusing the TV, the Internet and games for cruelty, however, safely ignore those things in which this cruelty is not. Bet you anything that adjacent...



Presents “flagship killer” OnePlus 2 with Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB of RAM and USB-C for $330 [video]

The company OnePlus last year has loudly declared itself, releasing the “phone of dreams” OnePlus One. And here was held the presentation of the second generation model. The novelty has...



10 useful jailbreak tweaks compatible with iOS 8.4 [video]

Practicing jailbreak for a long time has its own collection of tweaks from Cydia. Unfortunately, not all of them are now compatible with iOS 8. However, after the release of...



Cars to capture interactive panoramas Apple will appear in August in France and Sweden

Apple announces the extension of the project to collect data for a new service of viewing urban landscapes. On the company website updated section with the description of work schedules...



5 changes in the updated YouTube app for iPhone and iPad

In a recent update to the YouTube app for iOS has been improved playback support for video shot in portrait orientation. The innovation eliminates the need to turn the device...



Apple plans to open in India 500 salons selling iPhone and iPad

Apple plans to significantly increase its presence in India, in particular, the company expects to increase the number of retail outlets, exclusively engaged in the implementation of “Apple” products. According...



In the network got pictures of the prototype Samsung Galaxy Note 5

According to the latest information, the official announcement of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be held in mid August at a special event in new York. In this regard, it...



3 accessory that improves the fixation of headphones Apple EarPods

Apple seems deliberately created imperfect product – EarPods. The sound quality is increased compared with the previous model, but they fall out of your ears so easily that sneaking suspicion:...



10 sayings from Steve jobs about design, creativity and marketing

It’s been four years since the death of Steve jobs, which for some, was the personification of material success, for others – a visionary that changed our world, and for...

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