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Without a chance? The main competitor of iPhone 8 Samsung first showed in the video

Known source of leaks @OnLeaks has published renderings of the new high-end smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The video, which depicted a future Android device that gives you the opportunity...



North Korea invented the iPhone again

North Korea has released a smartphone Jindallae 3, reminiscent of the iPhone design. The manufacturer of the gadget is a local company Myohyang IT Company. It is reported that the...



Greenpeace called Apple, who most of all harm the environment

Greenpeace, together with iFixit has published a ranking of best and worst gadgets from the point of view of nature protection. The study involved about 40 popular models of smartphones,...



Landing of the Falcon 9 rocket, a room of van Gogh, Minecraft, and other wonders of augmented reality in iOS 11

Apple at WWDC 2017 introduced a new platform ARKit. It is designed to help developers in creating content to augmented and mixed reality on iPhone and iPad. The developers have...



“Filmed at the Pixel”: Google has decided not to limit the copying of the iPhone design

At the end of last week Google announced on the official forum has announced that it is looking for new pictures for set top box Chromecast Backdrop. The Backdrop is...



New photos allow us to appreciate the frameless iPhone 8

There’s no doubt that iPhone 8, the display of which will occupy almost the entire front side, you will lose the Home button. Just under it previously was the fingerprint...



A clone of the iPhone 8 in a metal housing and the Touch ID scanner on the back panel became a hit in China

Despite the fact that the iPhone 8 will be presented only in September, resourceful businessmen in China have managed to manufacture clones of the anniversary of the flagship. For was...



Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S8+ color “rose gold”

Samsung has introduced a new modification of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8+. From the original version of the novelty is the color of the body — the device is painted...



10 years of iPhone: how to create the most revolutionary product Apple

June 29 will mark 10 years since the release of the original iPhone models. In honor of the landmark date former Apple executives gathered together to discuss the creation of...



Jubilee iPhone will receive unexpected name

Recent years, Apple takes a well-established pattern of naming a new iPhone. In odd-numbered years flagship smartphone called the number and the letter S after the number. Apple has no...



Jobs would have approved: in a Network there was a fascinating aerofinishera almost completed Theatre named after Steve jobs

Blogger Duncan Sinfield posted a fresh aerovideos Apple Park – the latest creations, which had a hand in the founder of the “Apple” of the Corporation. This time, the lens...



Discover the secrets of the mysterious holes in the headphones EarPods

Owners headphones the EarPods that come with Apple mobile devices, wondering about the extra holes in these accessories. In the network there are plenty of guesses on this. The purpose...



Disassembly of the flagship OnePlus 5 showed that the similarity with the iPhone 7 Plus is not only external

The most discussed event in the IT world this week was the presentation of 5 OnePlus, a new smartphone that is positioned as a competitor to the flagships on the...



Whether in iOS themes?

When I see on any Android phone themes, the mind immediately have fond memories of Symbian and Nokia. The Nokia 6600 Series 60, Deviantart, mnogogolovy search great savers, they add...



Opinion: Scott Forstall right not apologized for the skeuomorph, it is relevant even today

In an interview with Computer History Museum Creator of iOS Scott Forstall told about the causes of skeuomorph in earlier versions of the operating system. Then, as you know, the...

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