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How to jailbreak iOS 9 on the iPhone and iPad using Pangu9

A month after the public release of iOS 9, the hackers released the solution for jailbreak. To jailbreak iOS 9, you can use Pangu9 for Windows on all devices running...



The developer announced the imminent release of the jailbreak for iOS 8.4.1

iOS 9 came out three weeks ago, but some users are in no hurry to upgrade. Many are waiting for the jailbreak for iOS 8. For these users we have...



In the next update for WhatsApp support functions quick answers iOS 9

In the next update of WhatsApp messenger will feature that users are waiting for the last few years. We are talking about the quick responses, the implementation of which became...



Jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 on approach, encourage developers to roll back to iOS 9

Hackers are developing exploits for jailbreaking iOS 8.4.1. Wrote about this on the forum Reddit user under the nickname Leofravega. He urged all concerned to roll back to iOS 9...



New tweak simulates the operation of the 3D display Touch for iPhone previous generations

The main innovation of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus made 3D module Touch. Judging by the first reviews, the sensor that recognizes the effect of depression on the...



New tweak brings the 3D Touch iPhone 6s on any device

Every year Apple adds to their smartphones new key function. Most of these “killer-features” become available on other devices, somewhat later, as in the case of Siri, or not appear...



How to find and remove malware KeyRaide on iPhone and iPad

Apple’s devices are very well protected against software. All headache, in the form of Trojans and antivirus spared the owners of “Apple” products. The manufacturer even closes from users access...



How to install WhatsApp on iPad or iPod touch using WhatsPad [video]

WhatsApp is the worlds most popular messenger. Officially, the program is not available on tablets and iPods with iOS, but the problem can be solved with the help of jailbreak....



The experts confirmed the theft 225,000 users of iOS devices with jailbreak

Jailbreak iPhone and iPad, on the one hand, allows you to access the iOS file system and expand the capabilities of mobile devices from Apple and increases the risk of...



Hackers stole data from 220,000 Apple ID accounts using malicious jailbreak tweaks

According to computer security experts, over 220,000 iCloud accounts were stolen using malware disguised as jailbreak tweaks. Users with jailbroken devices should be extremely careful when using programs from Cydia....



Typecast informs about the collection and delivery of messages, WhatsApp and iMessage on iOS home screen [Cydia]

Catalog Cydia has a new original jailbreak addon. Utility called Typecast is designed for active users of mobile messenger and adds in a special iOS notification when a caller from...



Hackers from Pangu demonstrated how to jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 the conference HackPwn2015 in China

Hacker group Pangu Team reported on the successful implementation of jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 latest update released by Apple with the aim of blocking the exploit Chinese developers. The announcement took...



The video showed the alternative jailbreak store apps iMods

The developers of “alternative unofficial apps store” iMods has released a demo video. In the video you can see the process of installing tweaks on jailbroken device. On the preparation...



How to roll back iOS on iOS 8.4.1 8.4 on iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad users who have installed the new update iOS 8.4.1, there is a possibility to roll back to the previous version of the



Announced store tweaks for iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking

One of the main concerns of the practitioner jailbreak to do with the upcoming release of iOS 9. In new OSes applied technology Rootless, which will complicate, if not make...

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