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Italian designers presented a realistic concept of the 4-inch iPhone Air [video]

iPad Air 2, introduced last year, proved to be more efficient, lighter and more compact than the first generation model. Due to different display technologies, the 9.7-inch display of the...



The designer showed the concept of the new Apple Music app for Mac

Designer Andrew Ambrosino introduced the concept of redesigning the media player iTunes. The inspiration, according to him, he took in the look of the Music app, the focus of which...



Battle of the flagships: iPhone 6 vs. OnePlus 2 [video]

The company OnePlus, over the past year, has sold about 1.5 million smartphones OnePlus 1, this week introduced the second generation of its device. The concept remains the same: maximum...



Microsoft officially released Windows 10 [video]

The new operating system from Microsoft Windows 10 went on sale around the world. Users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 can install a new platform for free. “We hope...



5 changes in the updated YouTube app for iPhone and iPad

In a recent update to the YouTube app for iOS has been improved playback support for video shot in portrait orientation. The innovation eliminates the need to turn the device...



The designer introduced the concept of iPhone 7 with wireless charging and sapphire 2.5 D display [video]

Over the last couple of months in the vast network of publications have appeared a lot of rumors about the new generation of smartphones under the brand Apple. Many of...



The designer showed a concept iPhone 7 with a thickness of 5 mm and a virtual Home button

The rumor is credited with the intention of Apple to equip the next generation iPhone display with Force Touch, which registers not only the fact of depression, but also its...



Apple offered to buy a Tesla

In July, Apple has hired another veteran of the automotive industry Douglas Betts, who gave the car his entire professional life — 28 years, previously held the positions of Vice-President...



Photo of the day: why Dell monitors better than Apple Thunderbolt Display

The photo was taken by user Flichr under the name saebaryo called: “My table 2015”. It is remarkable that the author of the picture, the user Mac Pro, explains what...



The history of the design of smartphones [video]

Since the advent of the first mobile phone went on for decades. Over time, they are constantly improved, they added new features, decreased the size. But at one point, all...



Apple has hired the former head of Fiat Chrysler to work on the project Apple Car

Apple is developing its own electric car. According to reports The Wall Street Journal, on a project called “Titan” has a team of several hundred people. Recently it was joined...



The magnetic connector for iPhone and Android in the style of Apple MagSafe [video]

The MagSafe concept well known to owners of Apple laptops. This magnetic interface, that is, if the user accidentally touches the cord



Microsoft will be forced to install updates on Windows 10

Users of Windows 10 will be forced to receive updates for the operating system, whether they want it or not. The relevant provisions found in the end user license agreement...



Concept: redesign of the iTunes interface

Artist Todor Rusanov shared the concept of redesign of the iTunes application. A new version of the media player with a more user-friendly interface, he posted on his page on...



In Russia presents an exclusive collection of iPhone 6 in the style of luxury cars

Russian-Italian brand Caviar, known for its “Patientname” decided to raise a car theme and announced an exclusive collection of iPhone 6 called Motore d’oro. In the development of devices was...

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