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BMW called the “good idea” creating an Apple electric car based on the BMW i3

According to German business magazine Manager Magazin, Apple has shown interest in using the concept of the BMW i3 electric car in its new project, codenamed Project Titan on creating...


Multimedia player VLC will appear in a new Apple TV

The announcement of the new operating system tvOS and App store for Apple TV among other things gave rise to the question — should I expect porting to a new...


The designer showed a concept iPhone 7, which fixed the bug of the iPhone 6s [video]

A few days ago, Apple unveiled its new iPhone 6s, but designers are already creating the concepts for the next model, guided by rumors and assumptions about what it will...


Apple Pencil: a product that would surprise Steve jobs

The main item on the September launch of Apple was a new, huge iPad — with the prefix Pro. A device with a screen of 12.9 inches created in order...


Murtazin: Apple without Steve jobs Samsung just copies to “squeeze money out of their fans”

Leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin after the presentation of iPhone 6s, iPad Pro burst into a devastating article about Apple. From his point of view, under the leadership...


The designer introduced the concept of 4-inch iPhone 6c [video]

Tomorrow in San Francisco, Apple will introduce the next generation of its smartphone – the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. According to rumors, another new


The designer showed a realistic concept of the Apple TV 4 with a gamepad and its own App Store [gallery]

Not so long ago we talked about the concept of Apple TV fourth generation with touch remote control, created by the talented designer Andrew Ambrosino. Now my view on the...


User hours on Android Wear told about his impressions of the Apple Watch after a month of use

At the end of July in Russia officially started selling the Apple Watch. Smart watches, as revealed in the lengthy process of testing, have not only advantages, but disadvantages of...


Google changed its logo – the sixth time in 17 years

1 September Google changed the logo: now the letters look flat, which corresponds to the modern tendencies of simplification of the interface. About innovations reported in the official YouTube account...


Jonathan Ive has developed a new iMac in a glass case

Apple is considering creating a one-piece computer with a glass enclosure. In 2010 and 2011, the company used this concept in the iPhone 4 and 4s, and now decided to...


In Russia came into force the law on personal data

Some companies have already reported about the readiness to follow the new rules, however, American Apple, Google and Facebook have not yet made any official statements about compliance with this...


In Russia started official sales of Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi officially began selling smartphones in Russia. The first tube to distribute a popular brand in our country is entrusted to the Chinese market place Now on the website...


Designer from Turkey suggested the Apple concept portable charger for Apple Watch

Design Studio from Turkey InnovationBox, prepared a concept for a portable wireless charging for the Apple Watch. Accessory must solve the problem of maintaining the charge level of the battery...


Microsoft decided not to inform users about the changes in Windows 10 updates

In the next cumulative update for Windows 10, Microsoft has not provided any detailed information about the changes. Platform users received a notification about an update, but no details about...

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