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No, Apple will not transfer the Home button and Touch ID on back panel iPhone 8

Yesterday, the network appeared “real” drawings iPhone 8 with vertically arranged dual camera and display “edge to edge”. Network long debate, where in this case Apple will get a Touch...



The concept of the new modular Mac Pro and frameless monitor Apple Cinema Display

It is no secret that Apple designs a new, “completely rethought” model Mac Pro. This was told by senior Vice President of marketing Phil Schiller. In addition to completely new...



Right: this concept will make you even more waiting for iPhone

After the presentation of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 main rival, the Apple will be difficult to surpass Koreans the bar in terms of design. It all started with...



Socks for iPod, sneakers, psychedelic iMacs: 10 strange Apple products

Since Steve jobs returned to Apple, “apples” produced one hit after another: the release of the next iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, each time becoming a sensation. However, over the 40...



The designers have introduced the concept of iPhone 8 without buttons and with “unlimited” screen

Each new iPhone model is accompanied by a lot of rumor and leaks. Interest in the long-awaited iPhone 8, even more so as we are talking about the “completely reimagined”...



Apple called cylindrical Mac Pro mistake

In 2013, Apple introduced a completely redesigned workstation Mac Pro. The appearance impressed many. Unlike traditional boxes, filling Mac Pro was enclosed in a small cylindrical housing. Looked impressive, but...



The development of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 came early

Since the presentation of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ in less than two weeks and the device has not yet had time to go on sale. However,...



Perfect smartphone such iPhone 8 easy tear Samsung Galaxy S8

Close your eyes and try to imagine the perfect smartphone. What would it be? First, no physical buttons. Button – an unnecessary vestige, that we inherited from the antediluvian cell...



2 reasons to buy a Mac Pro 2017 and 3 reasons to wait for the new Mac Pro

Yesterday Apple announced the Mac Pro 2017 — the first update of professional workstations over three years. As a rule, it becomes a reason to buy the device adeyinka there...



Drivers in Russia will be fined for photographs taken by ordinary citizens on smartphones

In the near future the interior Ministry will submit to the Duma a bill on the punishment of



New concept shows iPhone jubilee X c edge-to-edge screen design of the first iPhone

One of the main trends in design of mobile devices machinery – reduction of the frame around the screen. The first attention to this idea attracted the smartphone Xiaomi Mi...



Apple will release a radical new Mac Pro with a modular design and a professional monitor in 2018

In 2013, Apple introduced a new, compact Mac Pro with cylindrical design and limited opportunities to upgrade. Since then, the company has not released any updates and not even reduced...



Dock DeX for Samsung Galaxy S8 will come out in late April and will cost as percomputer

Manufacturers have long attempted to turn the smartphone into a desktop computer, but they are a failure or, at least, unpopular. Samsung demonstrated their vision of this concept. Together with...



Designer introduced the concept of the jubilee iPhone X screen in the entire front panel and wireless charging

Indian designer Tages Pavard used currently available information and rumors about the new generation of Apple’s smartphone to create a very interesting concept art. His project is called the iPhone...



When Apple will release an iPhone with macOS?

The smartphones today is continuously increasing performance. Multi-core processors, GB of RAM and permanent memory. Some models have displays with resolutions higher than laptops and desktop monitors. iPhone 7 with...

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