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“The phone never ends”: Mail.Ru presented the alternative to the standard iPhone camera

Mail.Ru Group announced its app Cloud Mail.Ru for mobile devices. Now the company is positioning the program as “the killer default photo app” on iOS and Android. The new version...



Analyst: don’t expect Apple revolutionary product under Tim Cook

Apple is changing the direction given by the company’s founder Steve jobs. To the current time the company has always been a step ahead of its competitors and released revolutionary...



Apple equips the iPhone with fire sensors

The need for security is one of the key people in our troubled world. Users install in their homes, alarm systems, metal doors and window grilles. However, there are other...



No.1 announced a smart watch G7, which can act as a smartphone

One of the methods practiced by Chinese manufacturers to attract attention to the electronic products, imitation or even copying the design of devices of famous brands. But sometimes they still...



Review Redmond SkyKettle G200S: smart kettle with unrealistic lighting and control from your smartphone

A few years ago, we never imagined that we would do a review of the kettle. Electric kettle, Carl! But the technologies are not in place, “smart house” is coming....



Colibri: modern browser without tabs

The developers of the Colibri browser offered users a new concept of Internet surfing. They found that the panel with the active tabs clutter the interface and distract attention, so...



A journalist for 8 hours asking questions of Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa and compared the quality of answers

For large IT companies in 2016 not to have their own voice assistant is simply a disgrace. Apple has Siri, Amazon – Alexa, version Microsoft name is Cortana, and Google...



Created concept iPhone 8 based on the rumors: the glass enclosure, frameless display, wireless charging [video]

This week with new vigor renewed rumors that the iPhone 8 has got a completely new design in honor of the 10th anniversary of “Apple” smartphones. This was reported by...



“Mail of Russia” wants to impose a fee on purchases in foreign online stores

“Mail of Russia” proposed to introduce a fee for the purchase of goods in foreign online stores. Question details not yet worked out, but the fee can be on the...



Russian developers have created unparalleled lie detector for iPhone

Russian developers have released an application that recognizes the sincerity of the interlocutor with the help of artificial intelligence. As reported by the Ngs, the creation of Verity took six...



The concept of the laptop-transformer Book Apple iOS and macOS [video]

In a recent patent filings, Apple proposed the original design of the laptop-tranformer: with a detachable cover that will be associated with the main module via the wireless interface to...



Farewell to AirPort: Apple refuse another product that is loved by millions

This week it became known about Apple’s decision to disband one of its units – a team that was responsible for wireless solutions Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Express....



3 main innovations in the history of Apple

Lately written a lot of articles that Apple has lost its spark. “Whether Apple is experiencing problems with the innovation?” — asks the Washington Post. Forbes claims the disclosure of...



Concept iPhone 8 OLED display on the entire front panel showcases the future of Apple

Debuting this fall, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has received significant technical improvements compared to previous models, but the design is still reminiscent of the classic sixth generation....



Apple in December will hold the action “Hour of code” in 487 stores worldwide

From 5 to 11 December, Apple will hold an educational program “Hour of code” in which visitors to the branded stores, the company will be able to learn the basics...

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