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Apple rented in San Francisco a testing ground for Autonomous driving “iCar”

A project of its own electric car Apple is developing faster than expected by experts. According to the newspaper The Guardian, as part of Project Titan, the company leases the...


Siri saved the life of 18-year-old American, who dropped the truck

Voice assistant Siri on the iPhone saved the lives of the American. The function came to the rescue of a resident of Tennessee, when there was no help. 18-year-old man...


British designer introduced the concept of dynamic icons for iOS

British designer Matt Sayward developed the concept of application programming interface for iOS that allows you to create dynamic icons, reports Lookatme. His development he called IconKit. According to Saward,...


In Moscow announced the mobile photo hunting for Parking violators

Muscovites are encouraged to become volunteers of urban services in the detection of violations of traffic rules. The philosophy of the new application “Wizard of Moscow” same as that of...


AutoPostBack in St. Petersburg blackmailing drivers broken iPhone 6

In St. Petersburg a landing hunters prestigious cars and the wallets of their owners. In the Arsenal – the crosswalk, a broken iPhone and arrogance. The criminal investigation Department asks...


iPhone 4 and 5 have experienced as brake pads for Porsche 911 [video]

Apple fans from the project EverythingApplePro decided original way to test the strength of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Communicators acted as a brake pad for a sports car...


Yandex has released a new version of the application “Yandex.Parking

Russian search engine has updated the application “Yandex.Parking for smartphones on iOS and Android. Software that shows on the map more than 6,000 municipal Parking areas, together with data on...


In the UK the court has forbidden to make copies of CDS for iTunes, Time Machine, iTunes Match and Apple Music

In October last year the UK passed a law, which can be used with impunity to make digital copies of purchased CDs for personal use. After that, the group of...


In the USA will put an Opera based on the life of Steve jobs “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs”

The life of Apple founder Steve jobs has attracted many creative people. She inspired them to write the biography, a documentary and two feature films. And in 2017 at the...


Toyota will not equip the cars with Apple CarPlay

Japanese Toyota go against the current trends in the field of infotainment systems, because it risks to be outsiders. On the cars of the next generation Toyota plans to use...


iOS vs Android: who is better able to predict the behavior of users

Apple and Google are developing competing technologies, which allow to predict the actions of users of mobile devices, reports Rbc. On iPhone and iPad feature called Proactive, on Android –...


Parrot decided to market road system with support for Apple CarPlay

Manufacturers are looking to the automotive market with great hope. First, the modern car is difficult to imagine without infotainment system. Secondly, the inevitable improvement of safety systems and assistants...


Not agreed: Apple decided to create an electric car without the help of BMW

Apple has stopped talks with BMW about sharing the work on the electric car after the visit of top managers


Teenagers sold to a businessman in the U.S., the clay under the guise of iPhone 6

In the US arrested four people who managed to sell the shop owner Metro PCS a few boxes from the iPhone 6, is filled with clay. The sum of transaction,...


Ford is not afraid of competition from Apple

Apple continues to work on forming a solid team, which task will be the construction of the first in the history of the IT giant car. Despite the fact that...

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