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Apple has distributed watchOS 2 beta 4 Apple Watch

Simultaneously with iOS 9 beta 4 and OS X El Capitan beta 4 was released the fourth beta version of the operating system watchOS 2.0 for the Apple Watch. With...



5 things you can buy instead of the Apple Watch

Today Apple announced a launch date for Apple Watch sales in Russia. On the first day, July 31, the Apple Watch will be available in the official online store of...



Dell introduced the “unkillable” tablet Latitude 12 Rugged [video]

Dell introduced its first tablet computer, which was designed to work quickly and reliably even in the harshest conditions. A model called the Latitude 12 Rugged with dignity tolerate extreme...



Made in Russia: how to create domestic brands smartphones

All accustomed to the fact that Russia has no own production of smartphones — we just don’t do. However, the market many brands that call themselves Russian selling smartphones, not...



Apple has hired the former head of Fiat Chrysler to work on the project Apple Car

Apple is developing its own electric car. According to reports The Wall Street Journal, on a project called “Titan” has a team of several hundred people. Recently it was joined...



5 reasons to buy a new iPod touch

iPod touch is often called a kind of “gateway” into the world of Apple is the most affordable way to get into the Apple ecosystem and use iOS apps. Today...



Most iPhone users are ready to buy the Apple car without even seeing it

After the emergence of rumors about Apple on the project Project Titan electric car, many are already thinking about purchasing the “iCar”. At least so say the experts of the...



8 best apps for capturing and processing videos on iOS and Android

Why you should remove from your smartphone or tablet? First, it’s convenient — they are compact, lightweight and always at hand, eliminating the need to carry with you to the...



SmartDriver: the iPhone app with the functionality of a DVR and radar detector [+10 promo]

The company Reactive Phone, app developer for mobile devices and computers, has released a new version of the SmartDriver app. In update mobile DVR had the opportunity to record video...



Autodrop: salvation is from the tow

Recently face to face with the phenomenon of evacuation. Yes was to blame, the city is too small for such a large number of cars and Parking places are sorely...



“All the music”: an excellent replacement music from Vkontakte

Because of the policy of combating illegal content Apple banned all the music in the “Vkontakte” and removed all unofficial app with music from the social network. But now iPhone...



Why iPhone is better car

2015 promised to be a year of revolutionary changes in the field of automotive multimedia systems. It promised us Apple and Google, and most of their brands strongly supported. However,...



The specialists of the largest R&D center Apple in Japan will be working on iCar

Apple is building in Japan complex research and development work (R&D). The building appears Yokohama – the largest port city, the administrative center of the Prefecture of Kanagawa and will...



In Russia presents an exclusive collection of iPhone 6 in the style of luxury cars

Russian-Italian brand Caviar, known for its “Patientname” decided to raise a car theme and announced an exclusive collection of iPhone 6 called Motore d’oro. In the development of devices was...



Automakers don’t want to share with Apple and Google information about the habits of drivers

It’s no secret that Google makes money from advertising, trying to make it more targeted by examining habits and preferences of users. It would be strange if in the automotive...

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