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Toyota will not equip the cars with Apple CarPlay

Japanese Toyota go against the current trends in the field of infotainment systems, because it risks to be outsiders. On the cars of the next generation Toyota plans to use...


iOS vs Android: who is better able to predict the behavior of users

Apple and Google are developing competing technologies, which allow to predict the actions of users of mobile devices, reports Rbc. On iPhone and iPad feature called Proactive, on Android –...


Parrot decided to market road system with support for Apple CarPlay

Manufacturers are looking to the automotive market with great hope. First, the modern car is difficult to imagine without infotainment system. Secondly, the inevitable improvement of safety systems and assistants...


Not agreed: Apple decided to create an electric car without the help of BMW

Apple has stopped talks with BMW about sharing the work on the electric car after the visit of top managers


Teenagers sold to a businessman in the U.S., the clay under the guise of iPhone 6

In the US arrested four people who managed to sell the shop owner Metro PCS a few boxes from the iPhone 6, is filled with clay. The sum of transaction,...


Ford is not afraid of competition from Apple

Apple continues to work on forming a solid team, which task will be the construction of the first in the history of the IT giant car. Despite the fact that...


iOS 9 will automatically tell you about traffic jams on the way home and to work

In iOS 9, Apple has implemented a number of improvements associated with a proprietary map service. OS now automatically displays hints about the traffic towards frequently placed. iPhone with a...


Cars to capture interactive panoramas Apple will appear in August in France and Sweden

Apple announces the extension of the project to collect data for a new service of viewing urban landscapes. On the company website updated section with the description of work schedules...


How to prevent iPhone overheating in hot weather

Summer this year broke all temperature records, so if you plan to escape from the heat on the beach, prepare your iPhone to this. The device, under the leadership of...


Media: BMW i3 electric car will be the basis for Apple car

Apple is in talks with the automaker BMW Group about the possibility of using electric vehicle BMW i3 as the basis for your own car, “Apple” company. This writes the...


The first trailer for the provocative film “Steve jobs: the man in the car” [video]

When at the beginning of this year held a private screening of the documentary by Alex Gibney “Steve jobs: man in the machine” (Steve Jobs: The Man in The Machine),...


New Honda Accord will be the first Honda car with support for Apple CarPlay

Took a long time in the air and realized earlier supporters MirrorLink technology the idea of deep integration interface of smartphones in the onboard multimedia system car, Apple its platform...


Apple will increase the cost of research and development by $1.5 billion

Despite record profits, Apple is not resting on its laurels. American giant computer electronics still investing heavily in research and development. Having studied done on form 10-K a report to...


Apple offered to buy a Tesla

In July, Apple has hired another veteran of the automotive industry Douglas Betts, who gave the car his entire professional life — 28 years, previously held the positions of Vice-President...


Apple has distributed watchOS 2 beta 4 Apple Watch

Simultaneously with iOS 9 beta 4 and OS X El Capitan beta 4 was released the fourth beta version of the operating system watchOS 2.0 for the Apple Watch. With...

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