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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories came out on iOS

The App Store was released Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – mobile implementation of the console game from the GTA series in the genre of 3D-shooter, able to boast...


How to answer SMS messages on the iPhone and Android smartphones without hands

If you drive a car, wash dishes or just too lazy, you’ll probably want to listen to text messages and answer them without physical contact with the smartphone. Just recently,...


Top 10 Android features that Apple should copy for iOS 10

Despite what Apple says, the Android device is not so bad. Many smartphones, like the Moto G cost less and work faster than the available devices on iOS. But some...


For iOS users created “the editor of reality” [video]

Engineers from the laboratory of user interfaces Massachusetts Institute of technology in an original way developed the idea of technology “Internet of things”. Within three years they developed a mobile...


“Yandex” brings the electric car Tesla on the line St. Petersburg “Yandex.Taxi”

In St. Petersburg the Park service “Yandex.Taxi” appears Tesla electric car, which is officially not sold in Russia, according to the Vc with reference to its own sources in “Yandex”....


Pro can iPad replace computer?

While many argue about whether the iPad Pro wide response from users, the Apple CEO Tim cook is confident that the innovative tablet with a diagonal of 12.9 inches will...


Microsoft gave the bracelet Band 2 features Apple Watch

Bracelet Microsoft Band second generation received a number of functions available on the watch Apple Watch. Apart from the fact that the device now allows you to control the music...


In St. Petersburg, the pursuit of the kidnappers of Apple gadgets ended with firing

In St. Petersburg unknown persons robbed the carrier of Apple gadgets. The victim tried to stop the attackers on their own and even managed to get them to give up...


Action camera GoPro has received the support of Apple Watch [video]

In the App Store released an update to the official GoPro app. Utility in version 2.11 has received the support of “smart” clock Apple Watch, making the wearable computer can...


Cut the Rope 2 for the first time became free in the App Store

Ahead of the release of a new game about Om Nom Zeptolab, the Studio made free sequel to the popular project Cut the Rope 2. Game for iOS devices became...


Apple has named the best apps and games of 2015 in the Russian App Store

Apple has summed up the year the publication of the rating “Best in 2015”, which includes a selection of the best applications in Russian segment of the App Store, as...


Apple Watch saved Americans who got in a car accident

Apple Watch can come to the rescue in situations of danger to life. One of such cases the reader told forum Redditor under the name M4ttiG. Blogger was returning home...


Restored iPhone 6 Plus exploded in American in the pocket of his trousers [photos]

From a resident of Atlanta (USA) exploded restored iPhone 6 Plus. Gadget was in the pocket of his


Siri will be installed in 5 million Ford cars [video]

Voice assistant Siri is available for the 5 million owners of Ford vehicles, transmits AutoNews with reference to the statement by the automaker. Previously, the system Siri Eyes Free installed...


Apple has recognized the most innovative company in the world the 11th year in a row

Companies from high-tech industry and communications in 2015 again took the first position in the ranking of 50 most innovative companies in The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The undisputed leader...

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