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Volkswagen showed in advertising opportunities Apple CarPlay [video]

Volkswagen has released a promotional video showing the features of the car CarPlay technology. CarPlay allows drivers to use iPhone in the car as fully as possible, while not being...



To buy at auction, selling for a hundred: how to make money on the cult of Apple

After Apple unveiled on Wednesday its new products – the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro and the new Apple TV, the company’s shares initially fell by 1.9%, and...



How to properly charge the battery of the iPhone and iPad

One of the “sick” places many modern mobile devices – the battery. With a low battery, even the top iPhone and iPad turns into a dead brick. Note that modern...



Moscow taxi drivers held a rally against low tariffs “Yandex.Taxi” and Uber

In Moscow held a rally drivers official taxi companies against popular online services. On Tuesday according to REF. Taxi drivers are unhappy with the low fares that install Yandex.Taxis, Uber...



Director of a documentary film about Steve Jobs: “He was a tyrant and a jerk”

Steve jobs has long been elevated to the rank of God. But he had a lot of quite earthly weaknesses: short temper, pettiness, greed and irresponsibility. In the U.S., has...



The greenback staged a robbery of a truck with MacBook Air for $1 million

Few people in the U.S. have decided to cash in on MacBook Air intended for public schools of new Jersey. The story of the investigation into the theft of laptops...



Updated Porsche 911 has received support Apple CarPlay

Company Porsche has officially unveiled the updated 911 Carrera sports car. The public debut of new items will be held next week at the International motor show in Frankfurt, but...



Photo-fact: the American tried to insert the iPhone in player for audio cassettes, thinking that it is a docking station for the smartphone

Social media became popular photography automotive player, who tried to insert the iPhone 5. The picture was uploaded resident of the U.S. state Idaho Trevor Thomas. Play iPhone on the...



Apple returned to the canadian money for Apple Watch after complaints of burns

A resident of Canada contacted Apple to complain about the fact that “smart” watch Apple Watch burned the skin on her arm. At first the company refused to return the...



“Yandex.Navigator” has received support voice navigation

The company Yandex has updated its mobile application Yandex.Navigator. In addition to the traditional bug fixes, the update brought voice activation. Now drivers can give the app a voice command,...



iPhone 6 Plus vs Xperia Z5, Galaxy S6 and LG G4: camera [photo]

Camera in smartphones is one of the key components, so it are paying more and more attention. Manufacturers try to make the phones more powerful. Some offer more settings, others...



Apple compared with the Church of Scientology

Apple products and the very ideology of this company resemble, if not a cult, at least philosophy. But there are those who believe that the brainchild of Steve jobs close...



Experts estimated the cost of the Apple electric car – $50 000 in the base

Apple is secretly developing a car that will go without a driver. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray believes that Apple Car will actually be on the road, but will have...



Journalists tested the app for hunting for Parking violators

In late August the city government has released a mobile app “Wizard of Moscow”, which allows citizens to participate in the fight against violators of the rules of Parking charges....



Samsung introduced new devices for “smart home” and the answer to Apple CarPlay for smartphones Galaxy

At IFA 2015 in Berlin Samsung keynote presentation devoted to “Internet of things”. For the first time after absorbing systems developer SmartThings home automation South Korean giant introduced an updated...

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