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Restored iPhone 6 Plus exploded in American in the pocket of his trousers [photos]

From a resident of Atlanta (USA) exploded restored iPhone 6 Plus. Gadget was in the pocket of his


Siri will be installed in 5 million Ford cars [video]

Voice assistant Siri is available for the 5 million owners of Ford vehicles, transmits AutoNews with reference to the statement by the automaker. Previously, the system Siri Eyes Free installed...


Apple has recognized the most innovative company in the world the 11th year in a row

Companies from high-tech industry and communications in 2015 again took the first position in the ranking of 50 most innovative companies in The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The undisputed leader...


The iPhone flashlight helped 11-year-old Australian woman to save the life of his mother

11-year-old resident of Australia Lara Alban saved the life of his mother with his iPhone. This case occurred in the town of Swan hill in Southeast Australia, wrote the newspaper...


Rush N Krush – how to ruin a decent game Intrusive Donato

If you look closely, you can see that in the title of “Krush” a little mistake – actually this word is spelled with different letters. The reason some legal troubles,...


Macintosh TV: the first attempt of Apple to enter TV market

New Apple TV flashing in the headlines last month, the original version of the set-top box, announced in 2006, was not the first attempts to occupy a niche Apple TV...


Monitoring system Fobo Tire: how to measure your tire pressure with your smartphone

Arthur Saruhanov from “Behind the wheel” talked about the pros and cons of “smart” monitoring system of tyre pressure from the company Fobo Tire. The subject of the monitoring of...


10 reasons why the iPad Pro is better of your computer

Apple CEO Tim cook stated that currently the need for personal computers disappeared. According to him, replaced PCs and laptops come powerful tablets, such as iPad Pro. When people start...


The application Tuture solves the problem of searching a car in the Parking lot

Branded map app Apple can solve the problem with finding a car/scooter/motorcycle in the Parking lot, but you need to fulfill the main condition. The user should remember to open...


Mirage 2017 will be the first Mitsubishi in the USA with support for Apple CarPlay

Mitsubishi has shared plans for integration in their cars automotive technology CarPlay Apple – operating system for in-house multimedia system. Be the first to support the system in the US...


IPhone 6s in the style of the powerful, fast and luxurious crossover in the world [video]

Designers Caviar’t stay aside from one of the most important events auto-world – the release of the first Bentley SUV. Oh this is the British aristocracy to create a car...


The friendly taxi driver spent two hours to return to the passenger a forgotten iPhone

Self driven car Apple is still not a reality, but it did not prevent the taxi driver from Bangkok, Thailand, to spend on the road two hours to return to...


Yandex has re-launched Yandex.Card for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

The company “Yandex” has announced a massive update app Yandex.Maps for mobile on iOS. The developers have completely redesigned the mobile client and added new features. Yandex.The card features several...


Fortune: Apple will buy Tesla next year

Apple has been working on a project codenamed Titan, which promises to introduce an electric car by 2019. This Corporation from Cupertino can help Tesla, sure Fortune. According to the...


Simple question, which explains everything that Apple makes

This year Apple has released three brand new product — “smart” watch Apple Watch, iPad Pro and Apple’s streaming Music service and they have caused users a mixed reaction. Columnist...

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