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“Apple gave up”: the developer explained why he went back to Windows after years of Mac use

Developer and journalist Owen Williams really wanted to try the tooth virtual reality. But couldn’t because his MacBook Pro with her friends. Williams expected that Apple will offer new and...



Another smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 has exploded in China [photos]

A few days ago we wrote about the case of ignition of the



In Russia launched the service: the bouquets, the young man and the Armani rental packages for “successful self”

In the eve of March 8 in Runet earned new services targeted to those girls who wants to look at the “selfie”. As reported by Lenta, the rental shall huge...



In Russia launched the service to pay for fuel at the gas station with your smartphone [video]

The group of companies “SKON” launched a mobile application for online payment of fuel at petrol stations (gas stations). The service allows you to pay and carry out the fuel...



Rabbids Crazy Rush – the crazy runner with bunnies

In the middle of the two thousandth somehow it turned out that the main driving force of the old Reiman was not himself Reiman, and related friends: those crazy rabbits,...



Exploded in car Samsung Galaxy S7 almost caused an accident

On the background of the scandal with flammable smartphones Galaxy Note 7, Samsung had to completely withdraw from the production, there are reports of explosions other gadget company model Galaxy...



Application for hunting for violators of Parking rules downloaded 110 000 people, the record sent 2,300 complaints

During operation, the mobile app “Assistant of Moscow” it’s been downloaded over 110,000 times. This was announced by the publication M24 said the Deputy mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov. According...



American found the lost iPhone, but what she found was her shock

Have you ever thought about how much information about you is stored in the memory of your smartphone? The names of your loved ones, photos, phone numbers, and contacts. Not...



Wireless Apple CarPlay thanks to Harman will appear in Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz

Harman has unveiled a wireless version of Apple CarPlay, which will debut on the new fifth series BMW. The company became the first manufacturer who used wireless support for CarPlay...



Device for $40 will turn any headphones into wireless [video]

Company Podo Labs has announced the adapter Jack, which can connect any wired headphone to the smartphone via Bluetooth. New product is designed to solve the inconvenience associated with the...



5 popular myths about Steve Jobs

Buyers of Apple products attracts not only quality equipment, but charisma founder Steve jobs. It was very interesting to watch throughout his career. February 24, Steve jobs would have turned...



Time Doctor – the program of the account of working hours is even better

We already told you about the Time Doctor is a special app that allows you to track how efficiently your employees are working (and you too). The program has since...



Russian woman will go on trial for selling pens with a hidden camera

30-the summer inhabitant of Biisk has been accused of selling pens with an embedded camera, and GSM-tracker with the Apple logo. Criminal case with the indictment is directed to court...



A resident of Moscow found your stolen car using the “Find my iPhone”

Your car was stolen? It’s a terrible situation that every motorist fears. Unfortunately, the majority of stolen vehicles not returned to their owners. In particular, according to statistics of the...



“VKontakte” plans to add a mobile application “Yandex.Taxi” and Gett

“VKontakte” plans to integrate into its mobile app services for taxi “Yandex.Taxi” and Gett. This is reported by “Izvestia”, citing sources close to the company. The management of “Vkontakte” is...

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