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PayForInstall: how to make money by downloading apps

Many of us are concerned with the question how to earn online without much effort? Nothing can be done about the human desire to “get more-work less” nothing can destroy,...



Tesla CEO Elon Musk argues that he received offers of cooperation from Apple

Apple recently could not hide their interest in developing self – driving car on California roads went three prototypes on the basis of the Lexus, equipped with specialized sensors. When...



In Russia will be no more cheap smartphones Xiaomi

Recently, the Russian buyers are faced with the fact that smartphones Xiaomi ordered on AliExpress and other online stores, were detained at customs. As it turned out, the Russian dealer...



The first new iOS device in 2017 may be the most useless Apple product

In the beginning of next month Apple will introduce this year’s first iOS device – the “smart” column with voice control. According to the analyst Zach Epstein, the new product...



Siri saved the lives of three fishermen in Miami

Last week, Siri voice assistant installed in the iPhone 7, saved the lives of fishermen in Miami. About it reports local TV station Fox 4. On Sunday, three anglers in...



Samsung followed Apple begins testing driverless cars

Samsung has received from the South Korean government permission to test unmanned vehicles using its own technology. This permission allows the South Korean giant to begin to test appropriate vehicles...



The device Upright Go allows you to control the posture using your iPhone

Today most people spend 8-10 hours at the computer, and all their physical activity is that they are transplanted from the chair to the car seat or crawl on the...



NASCAR Heat Mobile real rally

Despite the apparent boredom and academic, a NASCAR race – a race full of adrenaline, where gravity “Formula 1” is successfully combined with the swagger what a “Autobaun”. Judge for...



Six months with the iPhone 7 Plus. Honest postobon flagship Apple

In a week traditionally devoted to the review of the smartphone, to learn all the strengths and weaknesses of the model difficult. Another thing is to move with the machine...



A resident of St. Petersburg is changing the Apple store.

On the website Avito appeared on the store of Apple technology. From St. Petersburg, the owner of the shop, ready to swap it for a car or truck. Shop “i.Hit”,...



Klimenko told what Roskomnadzor different from the “great Chinese firewall” and called her autistic

Advisor to President Putin on the Internet German Klimenko in an interview with Hi-Tech Mail and told him what Roskomnadzor different from the Chinese system of supervision of the Internet,...



The Apple Watch has caused service of rescue of the American automobile accident

“Smart” watches Apple Watch help to monitor physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, but they can also save lives in critical situations. It happened to 22-year-old College student in Maryland...



The Network got the first pictures of the self-driving car Apple

Apple has still shied away from answering the question of whether she plans to create vehicles with automated control system. Informed sources claim that long-term attempts to assemble a team...



In China, iPhone 7 Plus exploded a few inches from the head of a sleeping woman

Edition PhoneArena has reported another incident with spontaneous ignition of the smartphone. It is alleged that at this time we are talking about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus...



Is it possible snooping through off the iPhone – and whether to resist it?

To be honest, in ordinary life, the user is more useful to think not about whether his smartphone of the NSA, and what metadata is funneling through is made on...

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