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Apple added in iOS 11 version of the car Aviarium

On Monday, Apple showed the world a new generation of its mobile operating system – iOS 11. Among other new features to owners of gadgets with an Apple on the...



Yandex.Navigator is now able to show Parking spaces that just opened up

Yandex.Navigator learned to show Parking spaces that just opened up. Now drivers will see where you can put the car, and can save time in finding Parking. The Application Yandex.Navigator...



Review of iOS 11: a big step for iPhone, one giant leap for iPad

On Monday in San Jose, the annual conference WWDC where Apple presented the new iOS 11. According to the company, OS “sets a new standard most advanced mobile operating system...



Apple gave the Russian woman new top-end MacBook Pro instead of the old defective models 2011

Service center told the story about how Apple helped the owner of a 2011 MacBook Pro edition to replace a broken laptop brand new MacBook Pro with Touch panel...



30 interesting things that can make your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the best smart watch on the market. This is more than just an iPhone on your wrist. If you know all the features of...



Toyota refuses Apple CarPlay in favor of Linux

Toyota’s new generation Camry sedans for the us market refuses to car interface, Apple CarPlay in favor of the multimedia system based on Linux. Camry sample of 2018 will be...



ARM believes that the Chinese can win in the smartphone market

According to ARM company, the success of Chinese manufacturers in the smartphone market is due to a special “Chinese speed”. Local vendors much faster adopt new technologies than do their...



“Yandex Money” will return 5% of purchases when you pay with Apple Pay

Payment service “Yandex.Money” announced a new promotion for iPhone and Android smartphones with NFC support. The company will reimburse the expense of 5% of the payments made with popular payment...



Users of the app to hunt for violators of Parking rules sent 300,000 complaints since the beginning of the year

Users of mobile applications “Assistant of Moscow” has left more than 300,000 complaints of violations of rules of a stop and Parking with the beginning of the year, informs a...



Ugears – assemble wooden parts of a working locomotive

As you know, the first forty years are the hardest in the life of a boy. Adult men have to pretend they are not interested in the car on the...



“Yandex” has demonstrated its own competitor to Apple’s Car [video]

Last week Apple spent testing its own unmanned vehicle. In the Internet appeared the video, which filmed one of the final tests. The Cupertino-based company holds testirovanie on the basis...



Apple called the release date of the new show Carpool Karaoke: The Series

In 2016, Apple bought the rights to the popular TV show Carpool Karaoke, where participants ride in a car with James Korden and sing popular songs. It was expected that...



In metro St. Petersburg has launched free Wi-Fi

Saint Petersburg metro will provide free Wi-Fi, with 200 concurrent connections in the car. Trial wireless network running on Tuesday, may 30 on the fourth line. “Free Wi-Fi, allowing you...



Automotive Shazam: the app to recognize cars photos

The company Blippar, which specializiruetsya on the development of mobile applications, has announced a new program for the iPhone. She recognizes the car and knows all about their characteristics –...



Analysts: don’t expect revolutionary products from Apple, the company 10 years of crisis

Many people confuse brand with a trademark. A trademark is a name, denoting a particular product, graphic writing and the visual sign. But the brand – a concept not material....

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