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Steve Wozniak decided to abandon the electric car Tesla in favor of the Chevrolet Bolt

Unbeatable Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, despite the critical remarks about the Tesla electric car, decided not to change it on the Chevrolet Bolt. About this he wrote on his...



Alpine has released the first multimedia system with support for wireless CarPlay

Alpine has announced a digital car stereo the iLX-107, which is designed specifically to work with the wireless version of automotive technology Apple CarPlay. 7 inch head unit is reportedly...



Toyota Concept-i: this could be an electric car Apple

While the world is in anticipation of the imminent release of frameless iPad, analysts already speculate about the next The Next Big Thing from Apple — secret project Titan. Most...



The blogger asked 50 questions Siri and Google Assistant and compared the quality of answers [video]

Apple continues to improve Siri. In iOS 10 personal assistant began to better understand voice queries and more accurate in their responses, found blogger Matt Birchler, which compared the technology...



Belarusian designer showed a concept driverless electric truck, created by Apple and Audi

Apple have not yet created your electric car. But this did not prevent Belarusian designer Artem Smirnov to offer their own vision of such a device. Together with the Ukrainian...



Intel has announced a full line of processors Kaby Lake for the new iMac, Mac mini and MacBook Pro

Intel at CES 2017 officially unveiled the seventh generation of Core processors. A formal announcement of the solutions under the name of Kaby Lake was held in August last year....



iPhone 8, of 10.5-inch iPad Pro, Apple Home, and other innovations that we can expect from Apple in 2017

In 2017 Apple is going to again surprise the market analysts and fans of the brand. Experts already talk about the performance of the new Mac Pro, how to be...



American couple accused Apple of my daughter’s death in a traffic accident

The American family that tragically lost a daughter in a car accident, has filed a lawsuit against Apple. She accused the iPhone maker that it did not provide the lock...



Tim cook called the biggest disappointment of 2016

“Tim cook uttered the word “fabulous” in every sentence, although nothing incredible was not”, — the biographer of Steve jobs, Walter Isaacson has otreagiroval premiere of the iPhone 5s in...



Experiment: to give up for a week from the iPhone in favor of the usual “dialers” and survive

A couple of years ago, the researchers calculated that a person notices the absence of a smartphone in an average of 15 minutes. Nonsense! Try to remove the gadget in...



In offline maps MAPS.ME there is evidence of traffic

Mail.Ru Group announced an update of the MAPS application.ME where there is information about traffic congestion. Now, users of devices on iOS and Android can more accurately calculate travel time....



A former Apple engineer told me what it was like to work on the first iPhone

A former software engineer at Apple, Terry Lambert has told about how has been developing firmware for first generation iPhone. Lambert had never spoken publicly about the making of “Apple”...



This disposable world: how Apple and other companies began to deliberately produce non-repairable equipment

The tendency of mobile manufacturers to create more compact and slim models gradually caused insurmountable obstacles for the non-repair of such equipment. In some cases the gadgets turns out to...



Top 7 covers Spigen (SGP) for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Accessories Spigen searching in the Network more often. Why cases of this brand are so popular in Europe, USA and Russia? High quality workmanship at the factory in South Korea,...



“Apple again off course, but this time not Steve jobs to save her”

The browser edition of Business Insider’s Dave Smith wrote an article about why Apple faced a serious problem due to the expansion of the product line. In his opinion, Apple...

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