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New Hyundai Solaris in Russia has received support Apple CarPlay

On Monday, Hyundai introduced the sedan in Russia Solaris new generation. The model was slightly larger, has received a new exterior and interior, as well as full support car interface,...



Mail.Ru launched an application for joint visits BeepCar rival BlaBlaCar

Mail.Ru Group released a search app for passengers and drivers to travel between cities and through the city. Service called BeepCar acts as a rival BlaBlaCar. Company Group launches...



Residents of Ufa has sentenced to 7 years in prison for stealing iPhone for 500 000

In the regional center of Orenburg has pronounced the sentence to a gang of kidnappers of Apple’s smartphone. Four residents of Ufa to one of the shops of Orenburg stole...



Users of the app “Assistant of Moscow” has left more than 170,000 complaints of drivers-violators

During the functioning of the app “Assistant of Moscow” more than 170,000 smartphone users have left the application in the system. About it told TASS Deputy mayor of Moscow Maxim...



33 years ago, Apple was criticized for refusing the command line in favor of GUI

The first truly personal computers Apple has released in 1984. Proposed 33 years ago, the graphical interface and inexpensive price attached to technology children. Is the time marked by the...



Turbo League soccer on the autobahn

We all know about that one game that skillfully combines two genres: football game and aggressive racing about the collision, rydvan and spitting on the sand of gasoline. The formula...



Lots of mistakes and fantastic trails: users have tested the application of the Moscow metro

In the middle of the month, the Moscow metro has released the official mobile application for the passengers of the subway using Apple smartphones. Unfortunately, despite some good ideas, “the...



How to enable quick launch Windows 10 on your PC or virtual machine for faster loading OS

Time is the only irreplaceable resource. It’s a shame to waste it on waiting until the OS is loaded and you can start to work. And Windows 10 is no...



The driver got into an accident because of the iPhone, has accused Apple in the deliberate selling of distracting gadgets

In the US, the motorist named Julio Sowing, caught in a traffic accident, has filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the manufacturer of iOS devices in the lack of care...



Ford has poached from Apple Director of marketing and communications

One of the oldest automakers Ford Motor was poached from Apple Director of marketing and communications in the retail segment Musa Tariq. In his new position he will assume the...



Expert in robotics and machine learning yockey Matsuoka returned to Nest, not worked in the Apple and year

Apple’s Vice President of technology yockey Matsuoka, left the company, reports Engadget. Top Manager refused to post in the “Apple” of the Corporation and returned to the Nest. The company...



The Tesla will recognize the owner’s fingerprint on iPhone

It is no secret that smartphones can be used instead of keys to the car, while getting information about the status of the onboard systems, the temperature in the passenger...



Cars KIA in Russia received the support of Apple CarPlay

A number of cars of KIA Motors for sale in the Russian market, will receive a new multimedia and navigation system with car support Apple CarPlay. This is stated in...



Unknown stole from the car in Moscow 22 of the box with Apple products, worth 1.3 million rubles

Law enforcement officers of Moscow looking for the unknown, who hacked the alarm of the parked North of town cars and stole 22 boxes with Apple products. The theft occurred...



American has filed a lawsuit against Apple because the iPhone is no lock function correspondence while driving

The iPhone has already received intended for use in vehicles optimized interfaces Apple CarPlay. However, a California resident by the name of Giulio Sege believes that the distraction of drivers...

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