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Apple leased the fleet from Hertz to test the system of Autonomous driving

Apple leases the company aggregator Hertz fleet prototype with the autopilot system. The Cupertino-based company had previously received permission to test three prototype vehicles based on the Lexus RX 450h,...



The Russian version of the Kia Rio the new generation will receive support for Apple CarPlay

The Russian version of the sedan Kia Rio will support automotive interfaces Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is reported Kolesa, citing a statement by the manufacturer. New Rio boasts...



Tesla plans to launch its own music service

Tesla is actively moving towards safer and more Autonomous vehicles. But soon the electric car can go beyond this niche. As it became known, Tesla is in talks with major...



iOS 11 will prohibit iPhone owners to use a smartphone behind the wheel

Many drivers can’t just play from a smartphone while behind the wheel. Some do not produce a gadget from the hands of not only traffic, but also during movement. 11...



Review of the best stabilizers for iPhone Zhiyun and Feiyu

YouTube is filled with trembling rollers, which is pretty much impossible to fix with the proposed service software stabilization, as most modern HD cameras equipped with a CMOS-sensor with progressive...



“Smart” UAZ Patriot received the application for remote control via iPhone

Before you test the Patriot, equipped with new driver assistance systems, telematics functions based on ERA-GLONASS dispatch center and mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. The telematics unit is...



Apple has not abandoned the idea to create its own unmanned vehicle

Rumors that Apple is developing its own robomobile, appeared on the Internet a few years ago. At various times sources have talked about the different parts, but, Apple never officially...



IOS 11 might tell us about the iPhone 8

2017 at WWDC Apple introduced many new products, but special attention is iOS 11. To a large extent because it can hint us on some of the iPhone 8. Last...



“Sberbank” for the first time delivered cash from a drone

“Sberbank” for the first time tested the delivery of cash with the help of the drone. This was told first Deputy Chairman of the management Board, Lev Khasis. The drone...



The Muscovite received severe burns from exploding in your pocket iPhone 4s

Exploded iPhone 4s has damaged the hands of the Muscovite, while he tried to get it out of his pants. The fire smartphone was at the time when the victim...



Where to buy DJI drones and Xiaomi at a good price

Drone with camera – a great tool video surveillance from the air. Such devices can be used by operators for filming from a great height, and athletes can record competitions...



The first time Tim cook talked about Apple over the technology of unmanned vehicles

Rumors that Apple is developing its own unmanned car, go for a long time. A few years ago, sources spoke of the interest of the company in this direction, but,...



Huawei: in December 2016, we have sold more smartphones than Apple

In December last year, Huawei sold more smartphones than Apple. This was stated in a new interview with CEO of Huawei India Allen Wang. Previously Huawei has repeatedly talked about...



Review of iOS 11: all new features in one article

5 June Apple announced the new operating system iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Pre-beta version became available for developers on the same day as the test, there...



MacBook Pro 2017 versus last year’s model: what’s new?

This week Apple updated the MacBook Pro line. The device has an improved processors the seventh generation Intel Kaby Lake with a clock frequency of up to 3.1 GHz with...

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