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iPhone X entered the TOP 25 discoveries of 2017 according to TIME

Time magazine made iPhone X in the list of 25 best inventions of 2017. Apple has implemented in its current flagship of the radical changes, adding the function identificat


A gang on mopeds have robbed the Apple Store in London

Early on the morning of 13 November 2017 armed with hammers, the robbers attacked the flagship Apple Store in London. Was stolen


The young man offered the girl a hand, heart, and 25 iPhone X

To make a proposal to his girlfriend, a young video game developer from Shenzhen Chen Ming bought 25 X iPhone and posted them in the shape of a heart. Young...


More iPhone 300 X stole from the Apple Store in San Francisco

On the morning of 3 November 2017, three sturdy men came into the delivery truck UPS parked near the Apple store in San Francisco, stole an iPhone 313 X. The...


Put up for auction BMW Z8 owned by Steve jobs

At Sotheby’s auction in new York, will put a BMW Z8 owned by the CEO. It is assumed that the starting price of the car will be $ 400,000. Jobs...


As the iPhone X will change the smartphone market. 5 consequences

Very soon you will see how all the smartphone manufacturers will start to follow Apple. 3 Nov in sale Ultradonkey iPhone X. it’s not clear how Apple will deal with...


Apple tested the autopilot system

Under project Titan, Apple is testing the autopilot system, which can be installed on the roof of the car. The quality of the car for a test drive was selected...


IPhone users choose the car with support CarPlay

Since the launch of CarPlay, it’s been three years, and more and more car manufacturers are implementing it in their cars. Experts from Strategy Analytics conducted a survey and found...


As Apple surpassed Google in application of augmented reality technologies

Very soon will be the iPhone X, TrueDepth front camera which has features that are not available while none of the Android smartphones. However, Apple does not has always been...


How to find parked vehicle using the application “Maps”

Brand mapping application Apple can solve the problem with finding Parking. Using preset maps on the iPhone you can save the location and find it easily. Training For this feature...


Tesla has fired about 700 people

Company Ilona max conducted a large-scale staff reductions. According to various sources, the number of dismissed employees is from 400 to 700 people. Every year the company Tesla audit to...


New Samsung patents: handlebar with integrated display, smart wallet and Curling TV

As reported by Patently Mobile, Samsung has received several new patents from the U.S. patent office. The company patented the design concepts, ranging from car steering wheel with built-in screens,...


Vladimir Putin visited the office of “Yandex”

Vladimir Putin visited the office of “Yandex”. The visit was timed to the 20th anniversary of the company. The President was shown the latest developments of the company. Photo: RBC...


All against Apple: the reaction of the companies on show at “the Theatre of Steve jobs”

The unofficial championship of wit on the Internet: how the world greeted the new iPhone. Qualcomm At the headquarters of the vendor could not wait and before the presentation realized...


Project Titan again leaving employees

According to the latest data from Bloomberg, a few engineers working on driverless car, Apple, left the company and went to a competing startup Zoox. In his Bloomberg report also...

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