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Jaguar owners will be able to pay for the fuel using Apple Pay without leaving the car [video]

The owners of Jaguar will be able to pay for fuel at Shell gas stations with a payment system, Apple Pay. You just press one button on the screen multimedia...



Facebook announces app for Apple TV to view video from the social network

Facebook announced the app, which allows users to browse videos from their news feeds via Apple TV. In addition to the client version for television receiver Apple social network will...



Pioneer introduced the “smart” headset RayZ with Lightning connector [video]

Pioneer announced the start of sales Paris, the unique headphones designed specifically for Apple devices. The headset connects to iPhone and iPad via Lightning connector. RayZ wired headset boasts a...



The iPhone app will save Russia from the second trouble

The project of the Russian popular front “Road on the onf / Map of dead roads” is preparing a mobile application for iPhone and Android-devices, through which users can complain...



Apple patented a display with a fingerprint scanner for iPhone 8 frameless

Apple has patented a fingerprint scanner that can be built into the smartphone or tablet. The technology is expected to find application in iPhone 8 already this year. Apple engineers...



Apple took fourth place in the ranking of most innovative companies

The publication Fast Company has published an annual ranking of the 50 most innovative companies in the world. For the year Apple took fourth place, behind Amazon, Google and Uber....



Top 5 most essential apps for iPhone and iPad

Every day in the App store there are hundreds of new games and applications. Many of them are we out of curiosity installed on your iPhone and iPad. But stay...



In iOS 10.3 the CarPlay interface will become easier to use

Creating a car interface, CarPlay, Apple decided to stick with the standard paradigm iOS: Home button returns you to the main screen with the icons of apps. It’s pretty obvious...



How to change icons from home screen iOS

The main advantage of iOS jailbroken devices in comparison with the stock is their openness. Any owner of iPhone and iPad can set up the operating system “under itself” even...



Apple without explanation removed first in the assortment of the shop a virtual reality helmet for iPhone

Apple is not the first time refuses to sell certain products in their online store. Sometimes it is associated with trials, as in the case with Nokia. This time from...



10 ways to increase the battery life of the Apple Watch

Battery “smart” watches Apple Watch provides up to 18 hours in mixed mode, including shipping notifications, player control, application usage, etc. following a few simple rules, you can further increase...



A new version of the app allows Tesla to make an electric car with Touch ID

Smartphones long can be used instead of keys for cars, while receiving data about the temperature in the passenger compartment, fuel level and other parameters on-Board systems. The updated Tesla...



Apple decided to save iPhone from mechanical buttons

Bureau of patents and trademarks United States has included in its roster of new Apple – smartphone devoid of mechanical buttons. In addition to the rejection of traditional keys, the...



10 things the iPhone changed our lives

10 years ago Nokia was the king of the mobile market, but that all changed on January 9 2007 when Steve jobs introduced the first iPhone mobile phone, music player...



12 new and updated tweaks for iOS 10, which is set

With the release of the jailbreak Yalu, many developers quickly updated their jailbreak tweaks and began to produce new solutions that are available to owners of iPhone and iPad with...

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