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Interactive book “the Green Hat” with the voice of Nikolai Drozdov was the free app of the week

“Green cap” — a new masterpiece of interactive stories for the iPad. Created by renowned Illustrator Andrey Gordeev is a novelty, became free app of the week in the App...



How to install WhatsApp on iPad with iOS 10 without jailbreak

WhatsApp – world’s most popular mobile messenger. Officially, the program is only available on the iPhone version for the Apple developers have not offered. Many users wonder whether it is...



Apple invented the MacBook with two screens that can be used in bright sunlight

A list of unusual Apple’s patents continues, a new application of the company on a MacBook with two screens. The originality of the idea lies not so much in adding...



The application of Russian developers has become a hit on the Internet

Russian mobile FaceApp app for iOS, created by Russian developers, has become a hit on the Internet. About it writes the Verge, which reported the release version for Android devices....



Video of the day: Apple in the new ad claims that the iPad Pro could replace the computer

A typical application for a tablet computer surfing the Internet and watching videos on YouTube



Future iPhone will be able to warn the owner about any damage of the screen

Future iPhone will be able to alert the owner about the appearance of the OSD covering the microcracks. This is evidenced by Apple’s patent application, published this week, the Bureau...



Russia has launched a mobile application which executes independently of the accident

Russian developers have introduced a mobile app that allows you to issue dorozhno-transport incident. The program for smartphones is called the “Europrotocol”. With the help of “Europrotocol” the drivers will...



“VKontakte” plans to add a mobile application “Yandex.Taxi” and Gett

“VKontakte” plans to integrate into its mobile app services for taxi “Yandex.Taxi” and Gett. This is reported by “Izvestia”, citing sources close to the company. The management of “Vkontakte” is...



Following the Apple Watch will have to “make” using the wheel, the Digital Crown

The classic method of plant mechanical watches – torsion spring located in the mechanism. This principle has remained unchanged since the creation of the first wristwatch. Manual method of the...



Sleepnotes based on artificial intuition – more than just alarm clock

The world is constantly changing and people change with it. Modern history is the alternation of scientific discoveries and technological innovations that leave no place for the superstitions of the...



Dmitry Medvedev traded the Apple Watch a smartwatch for anglers

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has got “smart” watch for anglers. Now instead of the Apple Watch he wears a specialized model for receiving satellite signals. Such a watch...



Apple will abandon Caps Lock on the keyboard to use the keys for emoticons

How often do you use Caps Lock? Most likely extremely rare. This button is needed in order to enable the input mode is capital letters. If I have to do...



The release of the Cydia 1.1.30: what’s new and how to upgrade right now

The developer of the jailbreak store Cydia Jay Freeman, known as Saurik, has released an update service. On Thursday, the release of version 1.1.29, behind which debuted update index 1.1.30....



Detector: how to find a person by phone number [+10 promo]

You need to find a person by phone number? In fact, simple ways no, because information about the ownership of phone numbers is protected by law and not subject to...



A vulnerability in Apple’s GarageBand app allows you to access any Mac

Apple releases critical security update for branded music application GarageBand. The vulnerability allows attackers to run arbitrary code on Mac. Given that GarageBand comes with the operating system of Apple,...

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