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A hacker has launched iOS 4.2.1 on Apple Watch [video]

14-year-old hacker Billy Alice launched on Apple Watch iOS 4.2.1. The software platform released back in 2010, replaced the smartwatch specialized software watchOS. On a video on YouTube the programmer...



How to solve the problem with the rapid discharge of the iPhone and iPad after installing iOS 8.4.1

Some iPhone and iPad owners are faced with rapid battery drain after installing iOS updates 8.4.1. If the battery of your smartphone or tablet is discharging faster than normal, use...



Polyera Wove Band: world’s first smart bracelet with a flexible display

Many companies are working to create a flexible display, including Apple and Samsung, but still no one was able to offer a solution suitable for mass production at a reasonable...



MTS is Russia’s first tested the technology Wi-Fi calls

MTS was the first in Russia has tested a service that allows subscribers to make voice or video calls over Wi-Fi. Technology, the support of which appeared on the iPhone...



Samsung has offered iPhone users a one-month test drive of any of the flagship for $1

Samsung has launched a promotion for owners of the iPhone: everyone is welcome in the month to test one of the Galaxy smartphones, paying only $1. Conditions are described on...



“If it’s not iPhone, it is not iPhone”: in the new ad for Apple spoke about the benefits of Apple Pay [video]

Apple continues to roll out its proprietary payment service. At this time the company presented the world a new promotional video, which demonstrates Apple Pay allows you to “easily and...



Apple has turned the London boutique with Apple Watch in a six-foot greenhouse with flowers [photo]

Apple has organized the original “floral” decor Selfridges London, located on famous Oxford street. In the oldest Department store in the British capital is a boutique selling the Apple Watch....



Foxconn hiring staff to build a “budget” iPhone 6c

For the first half of 2015, Apple has sold 135 million iPhone and introduced the smart watch Apple Watch, which is slightly sets off the upcoming premiere of the new...



The cost of the iPhone to the equivalent of 4.5% of the annual budget of the Russian family

According to the “iPhone index”, compiled by the American marketing company WebPageFX, the cost of the iPhone in Russia is equivalent to 4.5% of the annual budget of the



Best weather app for iOS will warn about bad weather for 15 minutes before the rain or snow

Yahoo has released an update to the weather app, the award-winning the Apple Design Award. “Yahoo Weather” is characterized by a pleasant and friendly user interface and the new version...



Apples in debt: Apple has attracted $ 1.6 billion through the placement of bonds in Australia

Apple attracted 2.25 billion Australian dollars ($1.6 billion) through the placement of two bond issues in Australia, which was the company’s debut in this country. About it reports “Interfax”. Apple...



“We’re talking about espionage”: the lawyers demanded to disable the transmission of personal data of Russian citizens on servers in Microsoft and Apple

The Russians began to complain to the attorney General on the new operating system Windows 10, which is accused of collecting personal data of users. The petitioners argue that the...



Analysts: iPad sales will continue to fall, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro will not save the situation

The tablet market is stagnant: the three-year period of explosive growth are over. During this time everyone who wanted a device that already bought it and upgrade it in no...



Swiss watchmaker Swatch has patented the legendary phrase of Steve jobs “One more thing”

Watchmaker Swatch has received a patent on the phrase “One more thing” that has become legendary thanks to the founder of Apple Steve jobs, who used it during presentations of...



Mass production of iPad Pro kicks off next month

Start of production of the new iPad Pro is scheduled for September 2015. Writes about this on Thursday sectoral resource Digitimes citing sources in the environment of Asian suppliers of...

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