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What does “death” of 32-bit iOS for future hardware and software Apple

IOS release 10.3 on the iPhone and iPad makes it clear that 32-bit applications will soon be in the past. In fact, the move to 64-bit architecture is a long...



Update Android 7.1.2 causes serious problems in the smartphones

In the new version of the Android operating system 7.1.2 Nougat contains a bug that prevents the smartphone. On failed gadgets EN masse to complain about them on forums online....



7 myths about charging iPhone, in that it’s time to stop believing

Almost everyone nowadays own smartphones, which means regular charging them. Many continue to believe in things that were current in the days of the Nokia 3310. Today following the advice...



The Russian “breakthrough” smartphone TaigaPhone preparing to start sales

Russia is preparing the announcement of the smartphone with enhanced protection from cyber-espionage TaigaPhone. A product developer – the company “Taiga systems”, is 99% owned by the head of the...



This will be the iPhone 8 with a built-in display scanner Touch ID [photos]

According to rumors, Apple is testing two prototypes of the iPhone 8: one with the scanner Touch ID on the rear panel, the second fingerprint module built in a display...



Apple iPhone 7 failed to fully exploit the performance of processors

This week, Qualcomm filed a counterclaim against Apple, accusing the chip maker in that it requires too high a fee for using its patents. The company said that the iPhone...



Test speed iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S8, LG G6, Google Pixel and OnePlus 3T: Android would be a shame [video]

Many people sincerely wonder why “overpay” for the iPhone. “My Xiaomi works the same and costs three times cheaper,” they say. If you ignore the brands and specifications of gadgets...



The flagship of the Xiaomi Mi6 in the test GeekBench ahead of the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8

In the network appeared the first test results have not yet officially presented smartphone Xiaomi Mi6. In the benchmark Geekbench the new “Chinese Apple” lost the iPhone 7 Plus when...



Considered-to tears: Apple CarPlay for new Hyundai Solaris will cost 315 000

The features of the car interface, Apple CarPlay is difficult to overestimate. The system actively uses the capabilities of personal assistant Siri to create a safer and more comfortable environment...



Samsung has started sales in Russia of premium tablet Galaxy Tab S3 with a stylus S Pen

Samsung has announced the Russian start of sales of tablet computers Galaxy Tab S3, introduced in February of this year. The device acts in the same price category with the...



iPhone 7 Plus lost Samsung Galaxy S8+ in tests for endurance in real conditions [video]

Videobloger XEETECHCARE conducted a comparative test of Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7, the purpose of which was to estimate battery life of devices. The trial was attended by “older”...



iPhone 8 has not yet emerged, but has become more popular than Samsung Galaxy S8

Analysts from TrendForce believe that the growing hype around the iPhone 8 could adversely affect the sales of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy S8 S8+. According to weather experts, the...



Maze Alpha: new frameless competitor to the iPhone 8

The company Maze is preparing for a frameless presentation of the new smartphone. A device called Alpha is positioned as the competitor of Samsung Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Mi Mix and...



Opinion: the anniversary of the iPhone 8 should impress the users because Apple is waiting for the fate of Nokia

Few people would argue with the fact that Apple is beginning to lag behind competitors in terms of design. The main argument of the opponents is very simple – the...



Apple CarPlay will be included in the equipment of the Lincoln Navigator SUV new generation

Car interface, Apple CarPlay will come as standard car Lincoln Navigator 2018 release. World premiere of the model took place at the motor show in new York. The new Navigator...

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