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5 serious reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8

Announced in late March, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is pretty ambiguous. Users around the world rapidly discuss the controversial new. Journalists familiar with the device, sure, that buying new is...



PornHub has released an app with filters for photos that allow you to bypass censorship in social networks

Popular porn online PornHub has announced a mobile application that allows you to hide the unseemly parts of the body in the photos so they could pass censorship in social...



Google introduced an updated version of Google Earth with 3D panoramas and virtual tours

Google unveiled a significantly redesigned version of the service Earth (Google Earth) with new features. Now users will be able to view the 3D maps of certain cities and other...



7 things the iPhone 7 Galaxy S8 superior to any other Samsung smartphone

In the mobile market there is an irreconcilable struggle between two manufacturers – Samsung and Apple. In the arms race, U.S. and South Korean companies to give it my all,...



iPhone 7 out of competition: why even the best Android manufacturers are a step behind Apple

Effective work iOS 10 and the computing power of the processor A10 Apple allow Apple smartphones to circumvent a high level Android device in performance tests. Even 6 GB of...



Rostelecom wants to buy the operating system Sailfish

The company “Rostelecom”, controlled by the state through Rosimushchestvo and Vnesheconombank, decided to become the owner of the Russian version of the operating system Sailfish is the only mobile platform,...



Windows 10 Phone at the point of death, and it has nothing to save

PC users started to upgrade to Windows 10 Update Creators 11 April, and the owners of smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile will have to wait until at least April 25....



11 iOS users will appreciate the feature that appeared on Android in 2012

With operating system version iOS 11 Apple intends to introduce real support for multiple users. This feature, according to 9to5Mac, should become the main innovation of the new OS on...



Google has agreed to pay FAS to a fine of 438 million rubles for violation of the law “On competition” on the complaint of “Yandex”

Two-year confrontation between the Federal Antimonopoly service and Google ended in a settlement agreement approved by the court. The American Corporation has made concessions by making its Android operating system...



Why the Samsung Galaxy S8 has no chance to replace the computer

Manufacturers have long attempted to turn the smartphone into a desktop computer, but they are a failure. Samsung with the launch of the flagship Galaxy S8 demonstrated their vision of...



Android’s share continues to grow iOS is strong in the United States, and Windows and BlackBerry can be considered history

Research company Kantar Worldpanel has published a report on the balance of power in the mobile market. The study is limited to only smartphones and covers the US, UK, France,...



Popular shopping list “Buy baton!” became available on the Mac

How often do you go to the store for shopping? Apparently, quite often. Even if purchased once a week, then go out looking for bread, milk and other products occur...



Released the official iOS app for controlling the Wi-Fi network in the Moscow metro

Users of the world’s largest single network of public Wi-Fi the company “Maximalism” had the opportunity to manage all services from the iPhone and iPad. All public Metropolitan transport –...



What does “death” of 32-bit iOS for future hardware and software Apple

IOS release 10.3 on the iPhone and iPad makes it clear that 32-bit applications will soon be in the past. In fact, the move to 64-bit architecture is a long...



Update Android 7.1.2 causes serious problems in the smartphones

In the new version of the Android operating system 7.1.2 Nougat contains a bug that prevents the smartphone. On failed gadgets EN masse to complain about them on forums online....

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