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Why Microsoft is losing to Apple

After Microsoft main competitor, Apple showed the world its new flagship smartphone, the tablet and the “most powerful laptop in the world”. But the bombs, which would help the company...



Microsoft has reduced the cost of smart bracelet Band with 10 sensors $100

After the presentation of the updated fitness bracelet Microsoft Band, the company halved the cost of the first generation model. The device allows you to control overall user activity, including...



Sales of Mac computers fell for the first time in two years

In October there will be the wave of quarterly reports from July to September inclusive. Leading analyst firm always precede the officially published data of the publication of the provisional...



Twelve South introduced the updated BookArc stand for MacBook

A new accessory from Twelve South can be a real gift for fans of Apple computers. The famous American brand has introduced a new BookArc stand for the MacBook. The...



Book Microsoft Surface vs MacBook Pro: features, specifications, prices

During this formal event, Microsoft announced its first Surface Book laptop. At the presentation the company has several times appealed to a MacBook, stating that the performance model bypasses “Apple”...



Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 4 and the laptop Surface Book, which is “twice as powerful as a MacBook Pro”

Microsoft at a presentation on Tuesday announced updated versions of the Surface Pro 4 and its the first model of the notebook Surface Book. The Surface Pro 4 has a...



Professional Director appreciated the camera features iPhone 6s Plus [video]

Despite the recent start of sales iPhone 6s Plus was repeatedly used by photographers as a working tool. Some time ago we wrote about the fact that members of some...



OS X El Capitan does not require the USB drive to install Windows in Boot Camp mode

In the new operating system OS X El Capitan you no longer need to have a USB drive to install Windows in Boot Camp mode. You can use the usual...



OS X El Capitan: five reasons to install a new OS

On 30 September Apple began distributing the final version of the new operating system for Mac computers — OS X El Capitan. The company has worked hard on the ergonomics...



OS X El Capitan is now available for free download in the Mac App Store

Wednesday, September 30, Apple has released the final version of the



14 NTFS for Mac provides full access to hard drives for Windows environment in OS X El Capitan

Paragon announced the release of NTFS for Mac 14 — speed driver to access the NTFS partitions in the environment OS X. the New version is fully compatible with OS...



Preparation for the transition to OS X El Capitan: what you need to do before you install the new OS

Tomorrow will be available for download the new operating system OS El Capitan. Before the release of the new OS is the time to prepare a Mac for upgrade. Of...



The developer has found a correlation between the sizes of the first and the new iPhone and iPad

Apple took a class of devices that other companies managed carefully to scratch and confident to bury, not finding results. The new iPad Pro is the largest of all the...



What is the difference between 3D Touch Force Touch and Multi-Touch

New iPhone 6s offers a fundamentally new way of interacting with the user interface — for the first time in its history Apple smartphone can distinguish the effect of depression...



The display resolution of iPad Pro compared with displays MacBook, iPhone and iMac

Although iPad Pro contains quite a lot of innovations, its main difference from its predecessors is the enlarged display is the length of its diagonal is 12.9 inches. Tablets with...

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