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PowerUp: the “smart” in a world adapter for MacBook

One of the main complaints about the MacBook and MacBook Pro — the presence of one of the USB connectors. Yes, this connector allows, by means of adaptors to connect...



Apple is not on the way with the manufacturers of Windows-based PC

Manufacturers of personal computers who did not reach the corporate segment of the market, may face the need to consolidate or terminate its existence in any other way, as rising...



Apple is working on new MacBook Pro models without Touch panel Bar

Apple may release new models of laptops MacBook Pro without touch panel Touch Bar. It is reported resource OSNews, citing close to the company sources. Not all users have warmly...



Users of 15-inch MacBook Pro massively complain about mysterious clicks when using the laptop

The owners of the MacBook Pro, introduced by Apple in late 2016, complain of problems with a laptop. According to the user device from time to time emits strange sounds....



PhotoSweeper 3: the best tool to search for duplicate photos on a Mac [+5 promo]

Problem home archives often is the lack of space, and the appearance of duplicates. From an abundance of caution, users copy the pictures several times, in the end, they take...



External drive Western Digital G-Drive with USB-C port can be used as a power supply for MacBook

Western Digital has announced a new model drives in the family of G-Technology G-Drive, equipped with USB drive-C. According to the company, the product is designed for owners of portable...



In the ranking of the best laptop manufacturers Apple dropped from first to fifth place

The well-known magazine about the mobile technology Laptop Mag, amounted to an annual ranking among the best manufacturers of laptops. The last few years, the leader in it was Apple....



The designers have introduced the concept of iPhone 8 without buttons and with “unlimited” screen

Each new iPhone model is accompanied by a lot of rumor and leaks. Interest in the long-awaited iPhone 8, even more so as we are talking about the “completely reimagined”...



Moshi Multiport Adapter converts a USB-C port USB-A and HDMI, keeping the access to USB C

Modern laptops and tablets have adapted to the new standard USB C. At the end of last year, Apple released the MacBook Pro, which is equipped only with USB ports....



Apple decided to bet on professional iron for criticism of its latest products

Plans to create a new generation of Mac Pro workstations should have not been approved by Apple, but the “constant criticism” among professional users and discontent with the new MacBook...



Новый iMac Pro получит процессоры Xeon E3, до 64 ГБ ОЗУ, графику AMD и USB-C, релиз в октябре

Недавнее обновление рабочих станций Mac Pro на практике оказалось техническим обновлением. Ранее Apple подтвердила, что готовит полный редизайн десктопов с собственными мониторами и пообещала представить новое поколение профессиональных iMac. Сегодня...



Apple близка к тому, чтобы перевести Mac с чипов Intel на собственные ARM-процессоры

Самая дорогая в мире корпорация обладает огромной властью над поставщиками компонентов для мобильных устройств. В начале недели Imagination Technologies Group объявила о том, что в ближайшие два года Apple откажется...



The world’s most powerful Nvidia Titan Xp 3840 CUDA cores will be compatible with Mac

New Nvidia Pascal Xp will be compatible with Mac computers, thanks to new beta drivers Pascal, which will appear in April. This was reported on the official website of the...



Apple Pay became available to customers of Gazprombank with MasterCard

The holders of MasterCard, issued by Gazprombank, had the opportunity to use the payment service Apple Pay. This is stated in the press release of the company. Add in service...



2 reasons to buy a Mac Pro 2017 and 3 reasons to wait for the new Mac Pro

Yesterday Apple announced the Mac Pro 2017 — the first update of professional workstations over three years. As a rule, it becomes a reason to buy the device adeyinka there...

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