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High-performance Apple A9X chips are issued without the participation of Samsung

Not to face shortage of iPhone 6s, Apple has ordered the production of the A9 processor once the two companies: Samsung and TSMC. The first manufactures chips on 14-nm process,...



Figment VR: case for iPhone with built-in points of virtual reality [video]

The iPhone has long ceased to be original, even if they have batteries, stands, Kevlar or lead plates. But there is no limit to imagination, as there is no limit...



The designer tried to replace the MacBook Pro on iPad Pro and said about their experiences

While many argue about whether the iPad Pro resonated with fans of “Apple”, Apple CEO Tim cook is confident that the innovative tablet with a diagonal of 12.9 inches will...



iPad Pro and a powerful processor A9X pose a threat to Intel, analysts say

Today, iPad Pro is not able to completely replace a full computer, wouldn’t want Tim cook, but a great new tablet from Apple, of course, approaching this goal. Hardware iPad...



10 facts you should know before buying an iPad Pro

This week the iPad Pro became available for purchase in the online Apple store. You can purchase the device without much difficulty and pre-order. If you look at the iPad...



The first reviews about iPad Pro: a great and powerful tablet that won’t replace MacBook

In September at the launch in California Apple announced the iPad Pro is the biggest tablet computer company. CEO Tim cook has positioned the device as a replacement for computers...



Tim cook on Surface Book: Microsoft tried to create a hybrid of tablet and laptop, but in the end did not work neither

Apple CEO Tim cook criticized developed by Microsoft notebook Surface Book. My experience from the device cook shared at a meeting with students in Ireland. Surface Book that Microsoft actively...



In the network appeared the first reviews of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro [video]

If the idea of the iPad Air was in subtlety, lightness and “air”, then the iPad Pro with a screen size of 12.9 inches was the “heavyweight” among Apple tablets...



Logitech introduced the first iPad Pro

On the day of start of sales of iPad Pro Logitech introduced a branded line of supplements for new items. Manufacturer suggested tablet accessory that acts as the universal stand...



Apple has begun selling in Russia iPad Pro at a price of 64 990 rubles

In the Russian online Apple store became available for order a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The device is available at a minimum price of 64 990 rubles for the version with...



Research: the most generous buyers of Apple devices are men over the age of 65

Men older than 65 were the most generous customers of the American company Apple, according to a study conducted by experts Slice Intelligence. Analytical company engaged in tracking sales on...



December 8, Apple will terminate the technical support for a 6-year-old Mac, the Apple Cinema Display and the first iPod touch

The adjective “vintage” in the Russian language has a positive connotation, even more is the epithet with a shade of glamour. But not in this case. December 8, vintage Apple...



TarDisk Pear: the easiest way to double the available memory on MacBook

If there is insufficient memory on the MacBook before the user has a difficult choice: to release the data by removing the information you need to use an external drive...



Users complain of serious problems with the display of the first laptop Microsoft

“Killer” MacBook Pro from Microsoft sold only a few days, but support forum the company already had complaints about malfunctions in the device. Like many new products, Surface Book failed...



Apple sold a record number of Mac in the entire history of the company

On the day Apple reported for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2015. As stated in the report, the results once again proved to be record-breaking revenue growth was 22%, which...

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