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Svyaznoy and Euroset stopped purchasing Samsung smartphones due to the large number of marriage

“Euroset”, “Svyaznoy”, as well as a retail network of “MegaFon” and “Beeline” stopped purchasing Samsung smartphones, according to “Vedomosti”. The reason is a significant increase in the proportion of defective mobile devices in the supply of Samsung.

The largest Russian retailers do not acquire to implement phones the South Korean manufacturer for several months. Entrepreneur Alexander Malis told that his Euroset does not lead procurement of Samsung smartphones since the beginning of summer. According to him, by separate parties marriage in the technique of it corporations began to exceed 7%.

Malis noted that attempts to solve the problem directly with the Moscow office of the company has not brought results, and a network of salons of communication sent to the address of the representative office of South Korean Corporation official claim that might escalate into arbitration.

In the “Connected” refused not only smartphones, but tablets from Samsung, said in comments to the media by his representative Maria Zaikina. The decision also due to the high percentage of defective devices.

The representative of Samsung in Russia Jan Rozhkova disagreed with the accusations retailers. According Rozhkova, technology Samsung has high quality, as evidenced by the extremely low rate of complaints from buyers. At the same time, the Director of MTS retail network Argives Alutis linked the failure of its competitors in the market to purchase Samsung with lower prices on goods South Korean brand, held by his company.

“All the equipment that delivers Samsung, quality, demand among buyers, the level of returns rather small and constantly decreasing even amid rising sales of smartphones. Problems, that’s why Samsung is the leader of sales on the Russian market. Strange that retailers, which accounted for a significant share of sales of Samsung in Russia, suddenly began to experience problems with the vendor once MTS reduced the price of portable electronics,” said Argives Alutis, Director of MTS retail network

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According to “Vedomosti”, all brands, declared a boycott of “defective smartphones”, there are several similarities. “Beeline” and “MegaFon” are co-owners of “Euroset”, and brother of Alexander Malis, Oleg Malis, at the end of 2014 gained control of “Connected”.

After this “Messenger” resumed sales of SIM cards “Beeline” and “MegaFon” and stopped the implementation of SIM cards MTS. In response, suspecting that the company deliberately understates its share in sales, MTS focused on the development of own retail network.

One of the points of this plan was a sharp decline in the prices of smartphones (including those made by Samsung). MTS decided to sell the devices the South Korean manufacturer at cost, earning the connect to mobile Internet.

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