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Samsung reported a record demand for Galaxy S8

Head of mobile division, Samsung Electronics Dong Jin Ko said that before the start of sales of Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ the company expects to collect more than a million pre-orders. In Russia the smartphone will go on sale April 28 at a price of 55 and 60 thousand rubles.

Earlier in the week Samsung announced that South Korea users scored 620 000 pre-orders for the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+. Of these, 150,000 users have ordered a special version of the Galaxy S8+ with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal memory for $1000. And then within two days, Samsung sold on pre-orders more than 100,000 new flagships.

According to Dong Jin Co., South Korea’s and more than 728 000 pre-orders for the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+. How much for this time, Samsung has received pre-orders in the United States, he did not elaborate, saying only that the number of pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 more than S7 Galaxy last year.

According to a top Manager, Samsung will make every effort to regain lost ground in China, where Samsung has faced growing competition from local manufacturers in the background isn’t too favorable public opinion in China is against Korean companies, given the political tensions between the two countries.

“China is the market, which we will never be able to refuse. And although the last two years, the market was difficult for us, we believe that Chinese consumers will react and to choose good products”, – said the head of mobile business Samsung.

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Dong Jin Koh also commented on the concerns of users regarding the safety of new flagships. According to him, Samsung has tested the batteries in more than 100,000 units of Galaxy S8, and therefore can “confidently claim that the Galaxy S8 safe to use”.

Samsung plans to sell 1 million pre-orders Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+ and, possibly, to overcome this mark they will succeed long before the start of sales is scheduled for April 21.

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