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The founder of Oculus VR called MacBook “not powerful enough” to work with the virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift

The developers of virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift explained the company’s decision to exclude the first stage from the list of supported platforms Apple computers. According to them, the MacBook...



At American University did a layout for smartphone users

Staring into the screen of a smartphone, people often provoke dangerous situations. Users are so attached to their gadgets that sometimes do not notice anything around. Sometimes this leads to...



Microsoft has released Skype 7.9 for Mac with “smart” links

Microsoft has released a new version of the official Skype client for the operating system on Mac computers. In addition to the traditional bug fixes and stability improvements the update...



Published photos external 20-megapixel camera DxO ONE for iPhone and iPad

DxO is going to announce a powerful external camera for smartphones and tablets Apple. According to Photorumors, the device will be presented on Friday at a special conference of the...



A former Apple employee told about the worst moments in the work with Steve jobs

Steve jobs was a visionary, he literally shaped the future of our world. The founder of Apple is considered to be a driving force in the revolution of personal computers,...



Samsung, by example, showed how not to Troll Apple

Marketers Samsung seems to not learn from their mistakes, because the same mistake is chasing them for the past few years. At the presentation WWDC 2015 Apple CEO Tim cook...



40% of Russians began to save on gadgets in crisis

Research service IT company Intech figured out how changed the purchasing habits of Russians against the new gadgets in connection with the onset of the crisis. The results of the...



How to download music and video in any format on your iPhone and iPad without iTunes on Windows

At the end of last year, the company Softorino introduced in some sense a revolutionary product – the app that frees your iPhone and iPad from dependence on multimedia harvester...



Study: only 38% of users of the Apple Watch would advise them to your friends

“Smart” watches Apple, according to some, already has sold about 7 million units. It is more than sales of any other company during the same period. But this does not...



Top best new features of iOS 9 in the form of a GIF-animation

Yesterday MacDigger published an article titled “45 hidden features in iOS 9 that were concealed by the Apple”, which contains the unique features of the new mobile platform Apple. The...



Ronaldo&Hugo: Superstar Skaters – crazy race

Even if you’ve never launched a Superstar Skaters, you’ve probably heard about this game: its a picture walking across social networks. The caption read: “Cristiano Ronaldo and Kuzma ran away...



A critical vulnerability in iOS and OS X allows you to steal passwords from iCloud keychain” [video]

In iPhone, iPad and Mac found a dangerous vulnerability that allows attackers to steal passwords, the user has to “iCloud keychain”. Security breach was discovered by the specialists of Indiana...



The former head of Nokia Stephen Elop fired from Microsoft

The former head of Nokia Stephen Elop left the U.S. Microsoft Corporation in the reorganization of the company. This was reported on the official website of the software giant. After...



Ukrainians gather money on Kickstarter for the second generation of the iblazr flash [video]

July 17, Kickstarter was launched quite fetching project external synchronized LED flash iblazr 2 for smartphones and tablets. It is interesting not only in itself, but the fact that it...



Sony Xperia Z3 has surpassed iPhone 6, Galaxy S6, LG G4 and HTC One M9 on battery life

Smartphone Sony Xperia Z3 has demonstrated the best results during the test duration of Autonomous work in conditions close to real, leaving behind competing models from Apple, Samsung, LG and...

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