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9 things you need to do before installing iOS 9

Today, 16 September, will release iOS 9. From visible changes we are waiting for a redesigned multitasking feature, multi-window mode, power saving function, a new



Tim cook explained why Apple donates more to charity than Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Tim cook explained in the TV show Late Show with Stephen Colbert why the Corporation is spending more money to charity than in the years of Steve jobs....



Client MEGA for iOS has received a new design and is now available on iPad

Mega Limited has released a new version of the official client MEGA for the iOS platform. The updated application is now available in native resolution on iPad and got a...



Smartphone Iuni N1 copies the design of the iPhone 6, but running Android 5.1

Under the brand Iuni owned by the Chinese company Gionee has released the N1 smartphone that borrows design developments flagship smartphone Apple. The device is made of high-quality and expensive...



All games for Apple TV must support the standard Apple remote

The creators of games for Apple TV need to implement support for the standard remote, Apple TV, according to Apple’s requirements, published on the website for developers. The user does...



Apple: 87% of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in anticipation of the release of iOS 9 upgraded to iOS 8

Apple has updated the section of the App Store Distribution, which reflects the statistics of the use of different versions of iOS in percentage terms. According to the findings, nine...



Apple has announced new prices for iCloud in Russia

Simultaneously with the launch of the flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple will change the pricing for iCloud. Today it became known the price of cloud...



BMW called the “good idea” creating an Apple electric car based on the BMW i3

According to German business magazine Manager Magazin, Apple has shown interest in using the concept of the BMW i3 electric car in its new project, codenamed Project Titan on creating...



Zuckerberg promised to add a dislike button in Facebook

Social network Facebook is working on the emergence of the social network buttons dislike (Dislike). This was announced by founder mark Zuckerberg during a regular session of questions and answers....



Tim cook called the 3D display Touch revolution and said that the iPad Pro can completely replace the computer

Tim cook called the function “live photos” Live Photos in the iPhone 6s brand-new type of digital content and said that the iPad Pro capable of replacing PC users. My...



Apple will be allowed to delete preinstalled apps in iOS

Apple is considering the possibility of removal from iOS preinstalled apps. In an interview with Buzzfeed told Apple CEO Tim cook. It comes rarely used by user applications, such as...



Scammers repainted iPhone 6 in pink and sell them as iPhone 6s

Some design Studio offer services and give a new color design Apple technology. Companies that aim to deliver iPhone and iPad from color uniformity, allow you to select any of...



iPhone 6s got a major hardware upgrade amongst all the flagships of 2015

Apple rightfully belongs the title of a revolutionary in the world of IT. Why are only Macintosh computers, introduced in the era of bulky computers. Another look into the future



Apple offers a free download of hardcore arcade game Super Hexagon for iOS

In the context of promotion of the application of the online store Apple Store Apple offered for free download arcade Super Hexagon project. This is a game with a minimalist...



Snapchat allowed for money to view the message disappeared

Snapchat has released an update of the mobile client, allowing for $0.99 to review three recent self-destructing messages. To use the function only once in relation to a specific record...

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