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Puzzle Magnetized was the game of the week and available in the App Store for free

Every week, Apple picks the best app in the app Store and makes it free. This time became a fun free puzzle game Magnetized, developed by Zhi-Yo Hong. Magnetized is...



Apple is going to start the production of iPhone in India

Most of the smartphones, tablets, laptops and many other devices now takes place in China. The inscription “Made in China” on modern electronics nobody will be confused. However, in the...



The flagship Galaxy S6 called the biggest mistake Samsung

New flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 may be the biggest mistake Samsung, which will continue to drag the company to the bottom. In particular, it follows from the report of experts...



Video of the day: unboxing Apple Watch Edition cost of 600 000 rubles

On Saturday, Apple started shipping the first buyers of gold watches from the Apple Watch Edition. Inevitably this network began to appear the video highlights from expensive novelties. The company...



“VKontakte” has introduced a new app for processing photos and talked about the upcoming site redesign

VKontakte has submitted a separate application for photo processing codenamed ProjectX. It is reported TJ citing lead designer of the company Paul Shumakova. At the presentation on Saturday, representatives of...



As BlackBerry underestimated the iPhone and lost everything

In 2007 BlackBerry underestimated the capabilities of the iPhone, which led to the loss of the mobile market. Canadian manufacturer was convinced that the business users, which focused on the...



Apple will charge Assembly iPhone 6s, iPad Pro Foxconn

The Taiwanese company Foxconn will receive a large order for the production of the next generation iPhone, and the iPad Pro, which is rumored to feature a 12.9-inch display. This...



How to configure Apple Watch to work on Wi-Fi 5 GHz

Apple Watch first generation have a number of limitations that complicate the lives of the owners. One of them became known this week. How do I find the French reader...



500 million Android smartphones under threat: after a full reset, you can restore all the data

Researchers at Cambridge University Lauren Simon and Ross Anderson discovered a vulnerability mechanism for the deletion of data when you reset to factory settings on smartphones on the Android platform....



The app turns the Apple Watch retro Casio watch [video]

Are program useful, and sometimes useless. Geek Watch belongs to the second, but this did not prevent her to become a leader of online application catalog. All because it is...



Vulnerability in NetUSB risk of hacking millions of home routers

A vulnerability in the software NetUSB detected by the specialists of the company Sec Consult, threatens millions of home routers. At risk are the products of D-Link, NETGEAR, TP-LINK, Trendnet...



Apple offers a free download interactive guide: view stars night Sky Guide

In the context of promotion of the official Apple app Store, Apple is offered for free download Sky Guide. This is one of the most popular applications of space. With...



iOS vs Android: 10 benefits of the Apple operating system

The question what is better: iPhone or Android smartphones, iPad and tablets from other companies, amongst many of those who are going to buy a new gadget. Users to this...



Hi-Fi battle: 6 of the best alternatives to high-class iPod

10 years ago, the iPod transformed the world of portable players, proving that “less” does not mean “worse”. Since then many other manufacturers have stepped far forward, making Hi-Fi sounding...



Apple incorrectly uses emoticons in iOS

Non-profit organization the Unicode Consortium,” which, in particular, is engaged in standardizing Emoji, proposed a number of changes to the look of these smilies. This is due to the fact...

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