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Apple fans said that they hate the most in the company’s products

It is no secret that Apple’s most loyal users. Samsung produces a lot of different devices, simultaneously making fun of Apple fans that, in its opinion, will you buy any...



American requires Apple’s $75 000 being burned up in the explosion of the iPhone 4s at home

A resident of Wisconsin Xai Thao and the insurance company State Farm has filed a lawsuit against Apple because of a defect in the iPhone 4s, which became the cause...



Google wants to deprive of the main advantages of iOS over Android

iOS is the most secure and modern mobile platform. Security of user data of Apple’s OS does not go in any comparison with competing Android. However, Google is not sitting...



iOS vs iOS 10.3.2 10.3.3: comparison of battery life [video]

Earlier in the week debuted publicly released version 10.3.3 iOS for iPhone and iPad



The Ministry of communications purchased computers Russian processors “Elbrus” on 80 million roubles

The Ministry of communications decided on by the supplier and the contract price relative to the “hardware” for passport-visa documents of new generation. The company “Elbrus-2000” will supply equipment on...



Apple spent more on lobbying a record $3.6 million for the six months presidency, trump

From April 1 to June 30, 2017, Apple has spent $2.2 million on lobbying laws in Washington. This is a record for the company amount, which exceeded $1.4 million that...



Full Throttle Remastered – rock, leather jackets and nostalgia

Great uncompromising quest about Ben, the leader of the motorcycle gang “the Polecats”, was released over twenty years ago, but still looks good – at least, in a remastered form...



Yes, Apple will likely bring the release of the iPhone 8. So what?

One of the main mysteries of the year was and still is the iPhone 8. And specifications of the device and its key features has long been a matter of...



TextSpeed – learn fast typing on the iPhone and iPad

The ability to print is always useful in our fast-paced world. No matter what – classic blind typing keyboard or accelerated for a smartphone. The last even more preferable: to...



Navigation with augmented reality: cool examples of apps created using ARKit in iOS 11

Not to say that augmented reality to date has been good; many applications use it, was quite imperfect, and even irritated, however, it is quite natural for a relatively new...



Why Russia banned the proxy and VPN

On Friday the state Duma adopted in final reading a bill prohibiting Russia’s decision to bypass the lock, under the action of which fall including anonymizers, VPNs and Tor. In...



The most expensive iPhone 7 fell in Russia by 35%

The price of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus continue to decline ahead of the release of the iPhone 8. This time has fallen in price the most expensive “seven”...



Resident of Yekaterinburg was fined 900 thousand rubles for the use of “pirated” Windows and 1C

The court ordered the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg 887 725 rubles for the use of pirate copies of Microsoft Windows, Office and “1C: Enterprise”. About it reported in a press-service of...



Apple HomePod can become wireless charging for iPhone 8

In June at WWDC, Apple introduced “smart” column with the HomePod. Unlike the rest of the competition is primarily the acoustic system with high-quality sound, and then home help. According...



User iOS apps from Krasnodar won the lottery of 14 million rubles

Russian from your iPhone won 14 million rubles in the lottery “Gosloto “5 out of 45″”. This is stated in the press service of the state lottery “Stoloto”. The super...

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