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On sale there was consecrated iPhone

One of the stores to “iPhone+” in Tbilisi, Georgia, began selling smartphones consecrated the world famous brand, Ekhokavkaza reports with reference to the network Manager Giorgi Machavariani. The cost of the iPhone, past the Church ceremony, not called.

“This is the first store that sells sanctified iPhone. We’ve often heard that some believers refrain from buying so-called products of the devil. We take into account the opinion and interests of all people in our country, in connection with which sanctified our store,” said Machavariani.

In the Orthodox Church everything that we use is sanctified, because people must have things in life that are useful to his human nature, soul and salvation. At the first stage of the consecrated iPhone sold in one store, but in the future they can appear in all trade network objects, said the representative of the retailer.

In Russia also offers a version of “Apple” products to believers. Last year, the young parishioners in the churches started giving away cases for the iPhone and iPad with quotations from the Bible. The project is already working in Vyborg, the campaign soon spread to other regions.

“Each temple, the Abbot may order such cases and to give young parishioners who came to a service or Church festival, — said the Chairman of the Vyborg of the diocesan Department of youth Affairs, priest Artem Litvinov. — This modern preaching among young people. In addition, the case will be exclusive, and the youth loves unique things. Make their own and sell the diocese had no plans”.

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Earlier, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin called on the Russians to abandon foreign smartphones, in particular Apple products. “Russia needs to defend itself. And the sooner we will develop its maximum incompatible with Western software products, the less will be sorry about total electronic control, which necessarily follow the control: the economic, political and ideological,” said Chaplin. According to Archpriest, the desire to use Apple products is understandable, but people should not forget that modern means of communication becomes a lever manipulation and hype around the release of new models of iPhone and iPad “someone is running”.

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