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New app allows users to put Instagram photos MacBook c

13.10.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments

To upload photos to Instagram from a computer is not so simple. A new computer application that simulates the mobile browser, will help to simplify the task.

New app allows users to put Instagram photos MacBook c

Typically, users of Apple gadgets have to find ways to bypass, to send photos via email or use Dropbox.

Free Windowed app allows you to share photos to Instagram directly from Mac or MacBook. The app has the full functionality of Instagram, but allows you to add a photo in the tape pretty quickly. There is also a version adapted for Windows OS.

The app does not have access to personal information of Instagram account and may violate the terms of use of the social network. On the other hand, Instagram will have to stop supporting all mobile browsers to enforce their own requirements. This move seems very unlikely.

Photographer and the developer of the Windowed Felix says, she created an application to simplify your workflow, and wonder how many other users have experienced similar difficulties.

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