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In Japan invented the Geiger counter for iPhone

In Japan started selling the device SMTGEG4S – compact Geiger counter that is compatible with smartphones on iOS and Android. The analyzer connects to the mobile device via the headphone Jack and within seconds determines the level of radiation.

Japan is still the world’s only country to have experienced nuclear bombing. Is it any wonder that the Japanese to this day pay tribute to the personal gigaram? With the proliferation of smartphones to measure and monitor the doses of radiation became easier. Simply connect the gadget to a simple Geiger counter, and the system will do all the necessary calculations.

On the Thanko website, you can leave your order on pocket and easy to use accessory to measure the level of radiation using iPhone. Equally useful for professionals and ordinary people. The creators of the product, according to them, decided to dispel the myth of extreme bulkiness and complexity of these devices. SMTGEG4S it is not similar to traditional “black boxes”. It easily fits in the palm of your hand: product dimensions do not exceed 10 x 47 mm and weighs 6 g.

Measurements are conducted both x-rays and gamma rays. Is also measured accumulated dose. Measurement range from 0.1 to 200 µsv/h (microsievert per hour). Measurement error less than 30%.

The cost of the accessory in the Japanese market is about $ 40.

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