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Copyright holders want to block Telegram in Russia because of the bot of the online library of “flibusta sites”

The copyright holders demanded that the Telegram messenger to remove the bot blocked in Russia, an online library of “flibusta sites”, transmit “news”. If this does not happen, the rights holders are going to Lodge complaints to the Moscow city court with the requirement to block all messenger in Russia.

Last week, blocked on the request of a court decision an online library of “flibusta sites” launched Telegram-bot that allows you to download books in response to a user request. To obtain the book of interest should be emailed to the bot title, genre or the name of the writer. In response the bot gives a list found in the database “flibusta sites” books with the ability to choose the most convenient format (fb2, mobi, or epub). After choosing the format the bot within a minute thanks to which you book directly in the Telegram.

Rights holders will require the administration Telegram to delete the bot, through which the illicit proliferation of books. A letter was sent to the administration of the messenger by the Association of copyright protection in the Internet (ISAPI).

According to the head of Maxim ATAPI Rabuka, the user-bot Flibustamirrorbot they found three books, which are rights to possess, namely: “Yandex book” publishing house “Alpina publisher”, “All the king’s men”, by Mikhail Zygar, the publishing house “Mann-Ivanov-Ferber” (MYTH) and the book of John Parkins “Confessions of an economic hit man” publisher “Pretext”.

“We have sent our claim to privacy and the hoster of the site because the messenger is a web-based version, c to block bot and specify his username explains, Rabika. — We ask you to remove it within 48 hours. If not followed by the primary reaction (the company will have to respond, they received a letter and call the time of decision-making – Izvestia), we will write a letter to Google and Apple and will wait for them from the primary reaction. If the answer is no and they will submit the claim to the Moscow city court”.

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It is worth noting that there has never been a lawsuit in the Moscow city court in relation to applications. As told earlier, the Creator of the service YouDo, there is no way to block a specific application, so it may be blocked either completely App Store and Google Play, or a considerable part of them.

Chairman of the Board of the Institute for the development of the Internet Herman Klimenko considers that the Telegram demonstrates the attempt to replicate success growth “Vkontakte” illegal content and ignoring copyright.

“It is not clear why, if so successful grows Telegram, Pavel Durov said to refer to the methods of the growth and reputation of the project will spoil, and unlike terrorists, the authors have used methods of dealing with pirates. Especially in an international environment, — says Klimenko. — How will Paul, predict simply, if we recall his attitude to copyright in the days when he directed “Vkontakte” public ignore”.

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