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Media: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will cost Russia a record 80 000 rubles

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the most expensive smartphone in the history of the South Korean company. The device, debuting the same iPhone 8, will retail at a price...



McAfee: the number of Mac viruses is growing at an alarming rate

The number of security vulnerabilities for Mac for the first quarter of 2017 increased by 53%, according to Cnews, citing a report by McAfee. In total during the specified period,...



“Enough to appeal to Durova”: Roskomnadzor urged to block Telegram “without further ADO”

June 23, the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov wrote an open letter addressed to Pavel Durov, the administration and the users of Telegram messenger. He demanded from the owner of...



The Russian version of the Kia Rio the new generation will receive support for Apple CarPlay

The Russian version of the sedan Kia Rio will support automotive interfaces Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is reported Kolesa, citing a statement by the manufacturer. New Rio boasts...



iPhone 7 Plus cheaper in Russia to a critical level

Competition and the exchange rate are driven down prices on the flagship smartphones Apple in Russia. According to analysts, Hi-Tech Mail.Ru the cost of iPhone 7 Plus has dropped by...



Scott Forstall the first time suggested about skeuomorph and flat design in iOS

In an interview for the computer history Museum a former top Apple Executive Scott Forstall told some stories. And before the interview historian John Markoff asked Scott the question that...



The state Duma adopted a bill on prohibition of bypass locks using anonymizers and VPN

On June 23, deputies of the state Duma in the first reading approved the bill to ban means block bypass banned in Russia sites. The document introduces a ban on...



Sailfish, Linux, and tamtam: what Russia will replace iOS, Android and Telegram

Technologically Russia is able to switch to domestic software, it remains for the political decision, said the Director of the project activities of the Institute for the development of the...



“Killer” flagships OnePlus 5 cheats not only in benchmarks

Smartphone OnePlus 5, which the media called a “killer flagships”, was one of the most anticipated products of this season. However, after the official show, it became clear that this...



What you need to know about iOS 11 iPhone 5

If you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c, then you should think about buying a new model because the support of these devices ends this year. Still a few...



The state Duma adopted a law blocking “mirrors” pirate sites

Operators will be obliged to block “mirrors” pirate sites within a day after receiving a respective request from Roskomnadzor. The relevant law on Friday passed by the state Duma of...



the iMac Pro will be the first desktop system Secure Enclave and get Intel server processors “Purley”

The new AIO iMac Pro could be the first desktop computer system by the Secure Enclave, shows code the latest beta version of macOS High Sierra. Also, there is predpolojenie...



WhatsApp will be able to send files of any type, the only limitation is their size

Soon WhatsApp users will be able to share any files. This was announced by the owners of the Twitter account Wabetainfo testing a new build of the application. The new...



Jailbreak for iOS 11 is already done!

A group of hackers calling itself KeenLab, announced a jailbreak for iOS 11, compatible with all devices running the new operating system. The final release of iOS 11 will be...



Pavel Durov responded to the threat of Roskomnadzor to block Telegram in Russia

Pavel Durov said the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov that warned about possible blocking of Telegram messenger in Russia. According to the businessman, it is “against state interests”. “It is...

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