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Apple has bought an Israeli developer of face recognition technology RealFace

Apple acquired the Israeli startup RealFace, specialized in technologies of face recognition, according to financial website Calcalist. This transaction was another confirmation of the iPhone maker plans to improve the...



Bought the iPhone in Russia – get a two year warranty, or silent about what Apple

All buyers of the iPhone and Mac in Russia have got used that the warranty is valid for one year. In fact, it is not so: the owner of the...



14 new and updated tweaks for iOS 10.2, which is worth paying attention to

Jailbreak keep up the momentum. No help Apple no technical updates, no warning about “the dangers posed by the installation of unauthorized applications.” Over time, more and more applications from...



They killed the iPhone: named 10 of the most unusual phones of the previous epoch

Portrait of a modern smartphone — aluminum “pan” with an enormous screen, fingerprint scanner and camera. If it is good pay, around the display a little “cut” the frame, here...



The CPS have not found harmful radiation from cell phone stations placed on rooftops

Towers with powerful transmitters flooded the city, and many see this as a serious threat to health. How to reduce the negative effects of radiation and does it really a...



Interactive book “the Green Hat” with the voice of Nikolai Drozdov was the free app of the week

“Green cap” — a new masterpiece of interactive stories for the iPad. Created by renowned Illustrator Andrey Gordeev is a novelty, became free app of the week in the App...



New “live” photo LG G6 demonstrate the main advantage of the flagship over the iPhone 7

The hero of the rubric “Photo of the day” may well become the new flagship smartphone from LG, called LG G6. An anonymous source has published a couple of images...



WinX DVD Ripper: backup solution and convert DVD to any format

WinX DVD Ripper for Mac is a utility for copying DVDs, including copy-protected drives and converting them to available for different device formats. It is worth noting that the program...



How to install WhatsApp on iPad with iOS 10 without jailbreak

WhatsApp – world’s most popular mobile messenger. Officially, the program is only available on the iPhone version for the Apple developers have not offered. Many users wonder whether it is...



5 best video players for Mac

Sooner or later every Mac owner is faced with a situation where the standard player refuses to play some video. This is especially the case of those who have just...



Apple lost to Xiaomi, the world’s largest smartphone market

The largest smartphone market showed an increase by 11.4% by the end of 2016, significantly higher than 2015, when it registered a growth of 1.9%. Apple in the last quarter...



“VKontakte” will give the MacBook Pro and iPhone 7 best 3D masks for “stories”

“VKontakte” announced a competition for 3D artists, animators and illustrators to create masks for a service self-destructing “messaging History”. The conditions of competition published in the official company blog. Masks...



Record after record: what is the secret of Apple’s success

Just a few months the mood of the analysts Wall Street has changed beyond recognition. From the lows of may of last year, Apple shares gained 47%. This week, the...



Why mobile operators refuse from unlimited tariffs: greed or necessity?

According to operators, unlimited calling have a low demand and unprofitable due to the introduction of the “Spring package”. Experts believe that operators leads only to a desire to increase...



iPhone 7 Plus remains the most productive in the world with a smartphone six months later after the release

Published fresh data on the most productive smartphones on the market. This rating reflects the situation at the end of January 2017, and based on the results of the tests...

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