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The average configuration of the iMac Pro is 45% more powerful than the top-end Mac Pro late 2013

iMac Pro is the most powerful Apple computer. The results of synthetic test Geekbench confirm it, reports MacRumors. On the YouTube channel of Jonathan Morrison an overview of the iMac...


Apple to launch iMac with Pro Dec 14,

The company has officially confirmed that the start of sales monoblock will be held on 14 December 2017. However, speech while goes only about the United States, the Russian version...


Phil Schiller talked about the refusal of the Home button, getting used to the gestures and the date of launch of the iMac Pro

Senior Vice President of marketing at Apple gave an interview with British magazine T3, as 9to5Mac has published some interesting quotes. According to Schiller, Apple decided to abandon the Home...


Apple has a new wannabe — Leagoo

It is considered that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. At the moment the greatest smoothie Apple is Xiaomi with its Mi Phone, Mi Pad and the iOS-like shell...


How to use iMessage on Android

16-year-old developer of novel Scott has created a third-party iMessage client for Android. The application supports all of the features available in iMessage on iOS. The app is called weMessage....


Apple has launched a pre-order applications for all their platforms

According to AppleInsider, after the successful testing of the pre-order app Super Mario Run last year, Apple launches a new feature to registered developers. The Cupertino company updated its web...


No scratches! — a selection of the best glass to protect the screen of iPhone

The screen of any iPhone needs protection. Users often drop their smartphones onto a concrete floor, wear them in the same pocket with sharp keys and put the display on...


Google releases two photo app for iOS

According to the publication 9to5Mac, a team of researchers Google releases two pilot applications for pics. Programs use computer vision technologies created for iOS devices. The success of the app...


Google has published expolit for iOS 11

One of the Google Project Zero Jan bir has published data for iOS 11.1.2, and create a jailbreak. Last week, the bir said that found in iOS so-called exploit critical...


Apple got a new iPhone commercial X – video

Apple has posted three new commercials iPhone X, trying to attract the attention of buyers during the holidays. In two of the three video demonstrates the possibility of Face ID....


According to rumors, Apple will close the iTunes Store until the end of 2019

The website Digital Music News reported that Apple is going to shut down the iTunes Store in 2019. According to information from the DMS, closing digital music store has been...


Released the first beta version of macOS 10.13.3 High Sierra for developers

Apple released macOS 10.13.3 High Sierra beta 1. The firmware can set all registered developers. For this you need to download a new version of the operating system from Apple...


Apple has officially confirmed the acquisition of Shazam

Rumors of the impending deal appeared 9 December 2017. On Monday 11 December 2017, Apple representatives confirmed that the recognition service Shazam music came under the wing of the Corporation....


Large corporate customers, Apple began to receive offers to buy the iMac Pro

The editors of Appleinsider learned that the sales staff, Apple has begun sending emails “trusted buyers” with questions about buying an iMac Pro. In the letter ask about customer needs,...


Fake crypto-wallet climbed to the top of the App Store

Fake crypto-wallet that looks as if created by the owners MyEtherWallet, became the third most popular app Store in the Finance category. About it reports TechCrunch. Is unclear, the developers...

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