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Gmail now has a cancel sending emails

Google has added to its email service Gmail undo function for sending mails. To recall a sent message within 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds, selecting the appropriate time period...


Facebook allowed to use Messenger without account on the social network

The world’s largest social network


Russian experts have called weaknesses of Apple

There is one rule of the market: the price cannot increase indefinitely. From this follows the importance of a critical view of the action the most successful companies, because, as...


Got the update TaiG jailbreak 2.1 with fix for Cydia Substrate

In the Network appeared the new version of the tool to jailbreak iOS 8.3 with fixed framework Cydia Substrate. TaiG 2.1 found on the website of Chinese hackers a user...


Hackers from 25PP modified TaiG released a new jailbreak for iOS 8.3

A day after the release of jailbreak for iOS 8.3 developer team TaiG Chinese hackers belonging to the group 25PP, released his own exploit for hacking Apple OSes. Utility 25PP...


Smartphones on Windows Phone because of the crisis for the first time overtook iPhone sales in Russia

In the first five months of 2015, sales of smartphones based on Windows Phone from Microsoft in PCs grew by 107% compared to the same period last year, beating sales...


Apple published in new York a huge banner Beats 1 in anticipation of the launch of Apple Music

Advertising campaign Apple is known around the world. Spectacular, large-scale, exciting… they are meant to unite people around the world and inspire them. The advertising campaign of the manufacturer of...


Samsung has enlisted the support of Red Hat to combat Apple and IBM Alliance

To successfully resist the Apple, last year entered into an Alliance with IBM, Samsung has found an ally. On Wednesday, the South Korean giant has announced the conclusion of a...


The number of Dropbox users exceeded 400 million

In two years the number of users of cloud-based file storage Dropbox has doubled to 400 million people. This was reported in the company’s official blog. “We have created a...


Released updated version of Cydia for iOS 8.3

Developer Jay Freeman, known online as Saurik, has released an update Cydia Installer to version 1.1.17, adding compatibility with new operating system iOS 8.3. The release of the update took...


New track Pharrell Williams “Freedom” will be exclusive to Apple Music

The song Pharrell Williams Freedom will be the first exclusive music track for the Apple Music service. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook. The song “Freedom” appears...


The ROC has offered to produce Orthodox cases for iPhone

Viborg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church has presented a new project “Clothes for gadget”. Priests offer printing on iPhone quotes from the gospel and the Church logo of the...


iPhone 6 in India exploded in 3 days after purchase

Fixed another case of spontaneous combustion iPhone. This time it happened in India. Keshav Yadav told the police that he bought three days ago grey iPhone 6 with 64 GB...


How to jailbreak iOS 8.3 using TaiG on Mac

Tuesday in the open access appeared TaiG updated app, with which you can perform jailbreak for iOS 8.3 and earlier OS versions. The program is available to download for free,...


Kenwood started selling its own multimedia systems with support for Apple CarPlay

Kenwood announced the start of sales of new information and in-flight entertainment systems for cars KENWOOD Excelon DDX9902S and DDX9702S that can boast the systems support Apple CarPlay and Android...

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