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iPhone 8 will get twice as less RAM than the Galaxy Note 8

Flagship smartphone Apple sample of 2017, as appears in the rumors called iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone Edition, will you get 4 GB of RAM. Reported by TechRadar, citing...



Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is the only alternative to FIFA

In the world of consoles and computers for the second decade there is a fierce struggle for the title of best football simulator. FIFA in the last few years unequivocally...



Samsung will introduce smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8+ in three new colors

In March, Samsung unveiled its new flagship smartphone Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+. The device is available in five colors solutions: mystical amethyst, coral blue, yellow Topaz, black diamond, Arctic...



The new line of MacBooks will improve the position of Apple in the notebook market

In the second quarter, TrendForce analysts expect more than 10% increase in supply of Apple laptops compared to the previous quarter. The upgrade will provide a new 12-inch MacBook that...



Singapore has opened the first in Southeast Asia Apple stores

Apple has opened in Singapore its first in Southeast Asia, the store-brand retail network. Apple Orchard Road follows the same design principles as Apple Store on Union square in San...



Pavel Durov reported about the attempted hacking my mail “government hackers”

The founder “Vkontakte” and the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov said that his Gmail tried to hack into some government hackers. The message on it appeared in his Twitter account. “Google...



New vulnerability allows to bypass the lock screen in iOS 10.3.3

In iOS 10, iOS version 10.3.3 beta, which managed to install on their gadgets the iPhone and iPad users discovered the vulnerability that allows you to turn off your cellular...



From iPhone 8 with such a function will not give up even fans of Android [video]

Everyone who has experienced a shortage of cash, at least once thought about how to print this money, and thereby completely cover a financial issue. Perhaps a future iPhone will...



Not Mac Pro, but still. Ruselectronics introduced the first computers based on the processor “Elbrus 8S”

Ruselectronics has presented the first examples of computers and servers on the basis of domestic processors “Elbrus-8S” in the framework of the conference CIPROFLOXACIN-2017 (Digital industry industrial Russia). The computer...



The App store twice ahead of Google Play for developers-millionaires

A million dollars on applications in 2016 to work in the us App Store office 66 publishers. This is almost twice more than in the online store Google Play, where...



Xiaomi Mi 2 Max laid on the blades of the iPhone 7 Plus and iPad mini 4 in the test on the battery life [video]

This week Xiaomi has introduced a “long-playing” smartphone Mi Max 2. A device with a large screen, a good processor and impressive battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery is...



30 Jun Apple discontinues technical support for a 6-year-old MacBook Air/Pro, AirPort Express and iPhone 3GS

The adjective “vintage” in the Russian language has a positive connotation. But not in this case. 30 June 2017 vintage Apple recognizes, that is, legacy five models of MacBook Air...



The first generation iPhone was tested by fire, knife and bending [video]

If you follow the work of the famous blogger jerryrigeverything once, you know that he regularly feel the strength of popular smartphones. This time he took the video, which was...



Samsung showed elastic display, which bend in all directions

Samsung has introduced stretchable AMOLED display that can bend in all directions. It will still operate properly after deformation in different directions. The presentation of the novelty took place at...



Discovered the secret of ‘impossible’ design of the iPhone 8

iPhone 8, as they say in the media, would have the “impossible” design: the device needs to display “edge to edge”, but under glass should be placed and the fingerprint...

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