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Catalyst presented the “world’s first” waterproof case for the Apple Watch

Catalyst has announced the world’s first case for the Apple Watch, is able to provide not only protection from mechanical damage and protect from moisture. The model is called Catalyst case for Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is protected to IPX7, resistant to moisture ingress. As noted by Apple CEO Tim cook, they can take into the shower. However, resistance to splashes of water does not mean that the device is protected against the penetration of moisture, explain in Catalyst. Brand case company is able to provide full waterproof wearable computer Apple.

The manufacturer promises that with his case, “smart” watch Apple Watch can safely take to the pool to swim. Accessory fully protects the gadget from damage caused by ingress of moisture. Dressed in such a case the device will comply with the IP68 standard – maximum protection according to this classification, meaning full ingress and ability to withstand prolonged immersion in water under pressure.

The cost of case Catalyst for a 42mm version of the Apple Watch pre-order is $ 60. The delivery of accessory in three colors – white, silver and dark – will start in November this year.

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