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caRRage – metal corrosion

Restart the “Mad max” returned to the faith of humanity in a desolate post-Apocalypse. To Heath, rusty metal, lack of gasoline and the raiders. And the recently released Fallout 4 was again returned to the subject on a pedestal of mass culture . The authors caRRage, of course, found the perfect moment for the release of his game – interest in this version of post-Apocalypse is great as ever. But one of demand for the genre enough to get it, the game should be still and cool; the visual resemblance will not get off. And with that the caRRage is not a problem.

The view from the top, the bottom six cars, which we usually called buggy metal SUVs, embellished with studs. One of these monsters and your task is to reach the finish line alive and unharmed.

caRRage refers to the (rare) type of races, where to go first is dangerous and short-sighted: thanks to the local weapon system. If the first few seconds will be ahead of the game, beware – in the back someone will release a bunch of rockets or any explosive smack. A couple of charges tin can stand, but in the end still up in the air and return to the tail of the adrenaline race.

Adrenaline – big word, perfectly describing the caRRage. The tracks are usually short, but the hassle is enough for three: your buggy in the leaders, the outsiders, underdogg. Missiles fly, bombs fall on the road, someone turns nitroacceleration. Orgy – Orgy funny but worthy of the time spent on it.

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Again, the graphics and physics machines confidently jump up, catching face another missile, and counter boxes fly to pieces. The game is made on popular Unity, but free-of-charge engine is not visible – caRRage looks like a mobile race if not higher, then just first class. And yet there is a hell of a beautiful loading screens.

Between races (the battles?) you can improve your iron-tin horse. Screw the body kit, bristling with bayonets, put the new nitro boosts, improve the engine, stick a beautiful and horrifying picture – let it be afraid.

Several modes: a career, have a multiplayer mode. Career slim next go to the mission for which you generously give resources. And the vicissitudes of post-Apocalypse – rare when you ask to come first. Enough to at least finish in the top five – the rewards will be modest, but will. If you are a maximalist, then get ready – despite cheerful disposition caRRage, with his eyes closed to win here will not work. The reason is not only the competitors (and their uniforms), but also in control – you drag your buggy, scrolling the wheel at the bottom of the screen. Given the isometric camera, is not very convenient – often lost and confused, but in the end still get used. However, perhaps this is by design – it’s a damn death race with missiles, who said that should be easy?!

On the whole caRRage happy. Hard, dense, beautiful and exhausting game: caRRage somehow able to get inside the nervous system and there to click the right buttons – in the end at every turn chew out the opponent, the rocket launch is accompanied by a cry of “take that, bitch!”, and having arrived first, shaking the sweat from his forehead – well, all won. A rare feature for a modern mobile game – capture the moment.

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