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Apple accused of selling practical guides for terrorists

In the App Store found the app for military purposes, which could be used by terrorists and killers. One of them allows you to calculate the flight of the shell mortar and the other sniper bullets. According to military experts, the civilian population, such applications are not needed.

One of the applications is called “MBC — ballistic calculator”. In the description of it reads: “MBC provides fast and accurate firing data for mortars of all calibres”. For effective and accurate shooting, just enter the variable parameters — the mortar, the caliber of the mines, the wind speed and the range to the target. The result will be the angle of elevation is one of the most important variables in the artillery firing from concealed positions tajectory.

The price benefits for practicing terrorists — 1490 rubles. Them expects to get the application author, the Ukrainian Vitaliy Grunik. This author has another app for military purposes: “Sniper ballistic calculator”. He asked for 799 rubles.

“Sniper lets you quickly determine the trajectory for any rifle. Best calculator for the cartridge of 7.62 mm. External ballistic calculator designed for shooting over long distances,” reads in app description.

According to military expert Alexei Rummy, there is such a thing as Notepad gunner. There made the necessary formulas and tables for calculation. On the basis of their specialist to make their own calculations. Regular troops have a special “registrars”, which is able to automatically calculate all necessary parameters.

“To fire a mortar, you need a rangefinder, weather data and a number of parameters. The device allows to obtain such data, you can easily buy in the shops, ‘ says Ramm. — As the regular troops have all the necessary equipment, what is the app is made primarily for illegal armed groups”.

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Experts note that the rules of App Store there is no explicit prohibition on the publication of applications that might be used for military purposes.

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