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9 out of 10 smartphone users feeling phantom vibrations

Modern people cannot imagine their life without mobile phone. This could not affect his health. The already considerable list of diseases to contend with psychologists and psychiatrists, were replenished with new names – there are mental illnesses that arose as a consequence of the technological boom.

Scientists have tried to find an explanation for the so-called phenomenon of phantom vibrations from mobile devices. It is that a man can feel as a smartphone it is, for example, communication, but actually nothing like this has happened. It turned out that everything is quite simple: blame the brain and nerves.

According to estimates, phantom vibration feel to 89% of people who use phones at least once in two weeks. The fact that people used to listen to the surrounding signals, associating them with a particular impact from the outside. The arrival of a text message or incoming call is associated with vibration of the cell phone.

From the obtained data, the researchers came to the conclusion, in 65% of cases the syndrome is associated with sensory hypersensitivity. If people expect some kind of message or calls, nervous about this, he constantly and unconsciously reads external signals and often wishful thinking. The brain eventually interpreterpath any similar movement as expected, and there is the phenomenon of phantom vibrations.

According to scientists, the phantom vibration syndrome in any case should not be taken lightly. A kind of hallucinations are undermining the nervous system and develop a full-fledged neurosis.

For those who want to get rid of the syndrome, the experts gave a recommendation: activate the silent mode or to turn off the smartphone, put it somewhere far away. After a week of phantom vibration will disturb less.

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