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As I crossed the “dark side”: impressions of a fan of the iPhone after a month with Android smartphone

The transition from Android to iOS and from iOS to Android issue is known and always for someone relevant. At this moment, surely, someone changed your Android smartphone with brand...



Analyst: don’t expect Apple revolutionary product under Tim Cook

Apple is changing the direction given by the company’s founder Steve jobs. To the current time the company has always been a step ahead of its competitors and released revolutionary...



How to install iFile on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 without jailbreak

File Manager iFile is considered to be a standard app on the iPhone and iPad, subjected to the procedure of jailbreak. This program was one of the first set after...



Microsoft has no plans to abandon the 3.5 mm audio Jack in smartphones

Microsoft has no plans to follow in Apple’s footsteps and abandon the usual audio Jack for headphones in their devices. Microsoft has been more



The first laptop in 1989 compared with the MacBook Pro 2016 [video]

27 years ago, Apple introduced the world its first portable computer the Mac



French Communists criticized the idea to name a street in Paris in honor of Steve jobs

Politicians in France proposed to name a street in the capital in honor of Apple co-founder Steve jobs. Member of the socialist party Jerome Come and the mayor of the...



Users of the new MacBook Pro complain about the battery life of a laptop is 3-6 hours instead of the stated 10

The first buyers of MacBook Pro with Touch pannel Bar unhappy with their battery life. According to the manufacturer is 10 hours portable computers work without recharging from 3 to...



Xiaomi introduced the “smart” sleep tracker Smart Lunar Sleep for $10

Xiaomi announced the device for monitoring sleep quality tracker Smart Lunar Sleep Sensor. The device is waiting for its market launch at the end of a crowdfunding campaign.   Xiaomi...



Apple have urged the U.S. government to change the law in relation to self-driving cars

Apple is interested in testing self-driving car. According to the news Agency Reuters, the company entered into debates about the development of American law regarding the safety of Autonomous vehicles....



How to install and run Windows 10 from the external drive on a Mac

“It is!” – under this motto, we will conduct an unusual experiment, that is installation of Windows 10 on an external hard drive to work on your laptop or desktop...



New frameless iPad could become the first Apple device without a physical Home button

The next model of Apple’s iPad tablet will receive a radical new design and the first among mobile devices, the company will lose the mechanical Home button. This was reported...



Why it makes no sense to buy an expensive smartphone if it’s not an iPhone

In recent years, many manufacturers of Android smartphones have flocked to upper price segment. And now Xiaomi, which started as a manufacturer of affordable solutions, considers possible the production of...



Operating system YunOS ahead of the popularity of iOS in China

It is no secret that the world’s most popular OS is Android, but iOS holds the second place. But there are regions where the fight Google and Apple wedges local...



Shooting in all directions: review Strider Gun

We did not notice how from games massively eroded the spirit of the cold war in the early 90s to shooting with two hands, slowing down time, stupid jokes, and...



iOS 11: 40 functions that we expect in the new operating system

In iOS 10 there are many things that annoy users and that Apple should change in iOS 11. The company will introduce a new operating system next summer. Many expect...

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