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Top best hidden features in iOS 10

On Apple’s official website said not all the features of the new iOS 10. There are many not obvious opportunities, which could significantly make life easier for the owner of...



Samsung has resumed sales of exploding Galaxy smartphones Note 7

Samsung has resumed sales of the Galaxy Note 7 a month after they were suspended due to several cases of fire devices. As explained in the company, explosions, or fire,...



Programmers at Apple earn less than the programmers Google and Microsoft

The salaries of Apple engineers are lower than those of employees in the same job in Microsoft, Facebook or Google and is $208 000 per year. Such data are company’s...



Users tweet photos scratched iPhone 7 in the color “black onyx”

One of the most interesting color options of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was glossy black, which received the official name “black onyx”. In Cupertino said that they...



Analysts: victory trump at the election of the President of the United States will result in big problems for Apple

During the first presidential debate, held last Monday, Republican candidate Donald trump has criticized Ford Motor Company for what she invests in Mexico and is going to make cars South...



New standard IEEE 802.3 bz will increase the speed of the Ethernet connection of up to 5 Gbps without replacing cables

Organization Ethernet Alliance formally ratified IEEE 802.3 bz. It completes the standard Ethernet, expanding the bandwidth of a modern wired networks up to 5 Gbit/s. While replacing the already existing...



iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus in the test for capacity: 1 Gigabyte decides [video]

The performance of the iPhone 7 compared with the main competitors in the popular benchmark Geekbench experts TechGrapple. And



The fate of Jack: why Apple refused the headphone Jack on the iPhone 7

Chief editor of the magazine “What Hi-Fi?” Mikhail Borzenkov in an interview with the Daily Afisha explained reasons why the Apple iPhone in the seventh was from the audio Jack...



Muscovite has filed a lawsuit against Google over hacked account, demanding the return of his spent in the game, 250 000

A resident of Moscow Maxim Kondrashov filed a lawsuit against Google, which complained about the loss of game account from mobile games. According to the plaintiff, he stole an account...



The perfect iPhone jailbreak: iOS 9 edition

With the release of tools for hacking iOS 9 jailbreak got a second wind. Unofficial developers have a huge potential to create unique applications. Despite the fact that the hackers...



Media: Samsung Galaxy S8 will get 4K display support, and virtual reality out of the box

The release of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected only in early 2017, and the network continue to haunt the all-new rumors about the device capabilities. According to...



8 Android features that are missing on iOS

Borrowing ideas is a common practice in the world of technology. Is on the market to come to some innovation, as he was immediately copied by competitors. Android copies iOS,...



I mHERE: new app for Dating

Since communication of all mankind long moved online, it is not surprising that such a delicate form of interaction, like Dating, is now online. Why in the world there are...



Apple was fined $300 million for patent infringement

The Federal district court of the state of Texas, has ordered Apple to pay more than $302 million as compensation for unlawful use of a technology company VirnetX. The jury...



7 iPhone Aurum Edition: thrilled even fans of Android [images]

Latest smartphone the iPhone 7 is still a little while who was holding, and jewelers have already made the product absolutely unique. To please fans of exclusive models of Apple...

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